2010, in really bad photos

2010. There was good. There was very good. There was bad. There was sad. I think I can say that it was the hardest year I have been through yet. Here is a bit of a review. Please keep in mind that despite my nice SLR camera, I am admittedly a horrible photographer.

January: I got put on modified “couch rest” at 32 weeks. We did a LOT of this. And watching Nemo.

February: We were lucky enough to get a short, but fantastic visit from our Iowa relatives Aunt Doreen and Uncle Allyn.
Sadly, two weeks later, Allyn and a friend were killed doing something they loved: riding their motorcycles through beautiful Arizona. We miss him and think about him each and every day.
February again: We had a Zoe! She came out totally awesome, has superior hearing, and is sure to be a genius. Or a DJ.

March: The big girls turned 2. We partied like no other 2 year olds you’ve ever seen.

April: We celebrated spring…

…with some annual bluebonnet photos. Kids in bluebonnets are kind of a thing here in Austin.

June: One sweet lady finally meets another. A match made in Heaven.

July: We got wet. A. Lot.

August: We rarely wore pants.
September: Uncle Scott flew through town and paid us a visit. And tried to steal my baby.
October: We ate cupcakes served out of an airstream trailer.

October again: We dressed up and partied with some of our best twin buddies.

November: Saturday night jammies/popcorns/movie night became a new tradition.
December: We stayed in our jammies. A lot.
(Christmas is a whole other post. Plus, I have no good pictures of Christmas. Boo.)
2010 went by all too quickly, but I’m definitely looking forward to what 2011 will bring:
a birthday for Zoe
a 3rd birthday for R&C
a new sense of control over life with 3 kids
a new blog (more exciting details to come soon, I promise!)

Happy New Year everybody!

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  1. Leigh Ann! These are wonderful, good for you for grabbing shots of the most innocent moments. Like the twins in front of the microwave.
    I feel like I know you even more now.

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