Some funny for your money

Okay, I don’t actually get any money for showing you this stuff (if you are handing it out though, I will gladly partake. For the sake of the economy), but I thought you would enjoy it anyway.

Mommy’s little helper. She totally loves doing this, and I had better not hear anyone tell her it’s “cleaning up.” One of my kids needs to be somewhat of a neatnik. Who else will I get to straighten the mess while I sit and eat bon bons and drink wine?

 Whoa. Lay off the sauce. The applesauce, that is.

Yeah, sometimes we sit in our jammies and feed invisible food to Build-A-Bears. What?

Everything we got for Christmas was capital A Awesome, but these shoes that Grandma and Aunt Jessie sent were out of control!

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  1. ca-ute! and didja know those little pink sweaters and red cord skirts were the RGs? love love that they're y'alls now. they're on at least their 3rd incarnation as I got them at the sale for my girls once upon a time. they wore the skirts 2 years before I gave 'em up.

  2. I love how your sweet baby's eyes blink tightly after she drops the block. So cute! I also remember LOVING, LOVING, LOVING to tap dance on the tile floor. Loved these videos…and the applesauce picture.

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