Rule 6: Have a Designated Treat of the Moment

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I have one thought each and every morning: COFFEE.

As I get the kids up and nurse the baby: COFFEE.

As I prep breakfast, dish out Cheerios, beat eggs, pour milk: COFFEE.

Throughout the demands for “more banana!” and lamentations of “Oh no, Tinker Bell messy!” COFFEE.

I love coffee. Have I mentioned that I love coffee?

It’s not really that I’m all that addicted to the stuff. Okay I am. I get a wicked headache if I don’t get it going in my IV before 10:30. But aside from that, I love it. Love, love, love it. The smell, the sound of the brewing, the taste…love.

Can you believe that I didn’t even really drink coffee until Zoe was born? Just think how much more it would have helped me get through the devastatingly long days after the ridiculously sleepless nights with infant twins. What was I thinking?

In Rule 6 Elizabeth states that every mom should have a “treat of the moment” to help get her through the day. I know I’m not  being entirely original by saying that my morning (and sometimes afternoon) coffee is my treat of the day, but seriously, it is. Each and every day I look forward to pouring my cup of hot, steaming Ruta Maya dark roast, adding my special blend of Splenda and milk, and slowly sipping it whilst adoringly watching my children play perfectly and happily with all of their toys, early morning sunshine streaming in through the windows, and birds signing in the windowsill.

Okay, so maybe that last sentence should have ended with “slowly sipping it.” Because its more like repeated distractions of breaking up skirmishes over Disney princess dolls or resurrecting the latest lost tiny toy of the day from under the bed. Or this week, wiping nose after nose after nose. I even had to resort to drinking from an insulated travel mug so it would still be warm by the time I finished it. Sometime around noon.

But I relish in every sip, and I never fail to make a little sad face with an audible “Aw,” when I realize it’s gone.

Sure, there are plenty of other things I consider treats. They’re not daily things, but if I have them around, they may help cheer me up after a bad day or help get me through a long evening of laundry or writing. I’ve been known to grab a decaf Starbucks and a pastry on my way to do some night time grocery shopping (which I hate, but as you already know, I don’t do the grocery store with 3 kids). I have a serious yogurt covered pretzel addiction, but that’s not light on the pocketbook. Or the thighs. And I love me some cookies and milk, but I already told you about my dangerous lack of self control when it comes to cookies. Also bad for the thighs.

I don’t watch much TV these days. Most of the shows in our DVR have been forgotten and abandoned. My deepest apologies go out to The Office and Parks & Recreation. It wasn’t you. It was me. I only have room for a few shows in my life now, and those much sought after spots went to Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Modern Family. Modern Family is for Hubs and me, but the other two? My guilty pleasures. So once a week, I treat myself to forgetting about writing, balancing the checkbook, and all the other household crap, and I just sit on my butt and watch my favorite shows. Okay, maybe I fold some laundry.

What’s your “Treat of the Moment?” Is it always the same, or does it change from time to time?Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. Oh yes. Coffee. Nectar/manna of the gods. When we moved, we did not take the lovely coffee pot, mostly because of the voltage differences between the two countries. For half a year, we subsisted with the instant coffee from a kettle that all Brits feel is right and proper. For Christmas, we got a coffee pot and two bags of Starbucks.

    It has helped so much.

    Great post!

  2. Having a mom treat is a GREAT idea!

    For me, I'd choose something too "bad" for me, though. Like salt & vinegar chips. I have good will power for most things, but those? I can finish off a bag of Lays S&V chips in a day and a half!

  3. Growing up in a coffee drinking country I started to get addicted around the time of my first job when I had an Espresso instead of my breakfast right after I arrived at the office. I never lost the need to drink this liquid and now, living on an island on the other side of the world with no proper machine to produce it myself (I have to use the simple one ontop of the stove or instand coffee) it is a special treat when I go to town (the one and only town here) to spoil myself with a real espresso or cappuccino. I can fully understand your needs for this treat.

  4. hmmm I don't think I have a morning treat. This is such a small thing, but I think it's a treat. I always eat breakfast. It doesn't matter what kid needs something, I get to eat my breakfast without interuption. Hubs can take care of whatever it is.

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