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  1. My youngest son did the same thing. He was all over that bad-boy until he stuck his little hands in the gooey frosting..(he has inherited my extreme dislike of goopey hands)..His expression was quite similar. And I imagine the decibel was as well!

  2. If it's carrot cake with cream cheese icing, I'll cry. On the inside because I'll eat it anyway. I'd go anywhere where there might be cake.

  3. My oldest hated the cake I baked but dug into a second cake a week after her first birthday that came from a bakery. Apparently I'm no Martha.

  4. Oh! This reminds me of a favorite pic of my own twins (now almost 10) sitting on Santa's lap for the first time. God bless quick-thinking photographers!

    Good to finally "meet" you…have heard tell of you through the blogosphere…came to you tonight via Christina the Closet Writer.

  5. this is adorable! Happy Birthday to Z, and happy surviving the first year for all 3 to you! Your letter to her is awesome, and reading back a couple of posts, Private Practice (and Brothers and Sisters) are some of my favorite guilty pleasures. There are few others that I would be mortified to admit, if I had any shame!

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