Crazy but true

Note added after publishing: I should have identified my bloggy friend Corrin from Oh Hey, What’s Up? for inspiring this post. The first time we met and I mentioned I had twins, she said the ever popular phrase below…

“Awwww…..I always wanted twins!”

I get this comment a lot. And it always makes me laugh out loud.

Maybe I don’t burst out laughing to their faces, ’cause that would just be rude. But it does always make me chuckle. And I may involuntarily shoot them a look that resembles “You have no idea what you just asked for.” If you can imagine what that looks like. 

Are these people crazy? They have no idea the chaos and insanity that they’re wishing upon themselves! The excruciating and debilitating loss of sleep! The feeling that you are nothing but a milk making machine with a neon sign that says “OPEN” 24/7! The inability to go anywhere by yourself! And the crying, oh, the crying!

Having twins never once entered my radar, and when my doctor found that second heartbeat on the sonogram, I almost fell out of the stirrups as my mind immediately raced to dollar signs and things coming in pairs. Two cribs! Two daycare tuitions! Two college educations!!!” I needed a paper bag, stat.

I consider myself lucky in the fact that I had my twins as my first children, so I don’t know what it’s like to care for just one baby. When people would ask me what it was like, all I could say was, “It’s all I know.” I wrongly assumed that my friends with just one baby had it so much easier, and I eventually learned that it’s all relative. A matter of perspective, if you will.

As Rachel and Claire grow, so does their relationship. They’ve been together all day, every day for the past 3 years. They’ve never known a life without each other. And as they grow, our goal as their parents is to help them each develop their own sense of self apart from each other. We want them to be close, but we want them to be able to exist and succeed as individuals, and not just be able to function as a unit. 

But in these present days, I relish in their togetherness, their closeness, and their extreme cuteness. The hugs, the kisses, the heartfelt apologies of “I’m so sorry, Sissy” after an altercation. 

Claire seeing Rachel trip and fall, and bolting across the yard to get to her even before I can, helping her up and asking, “You okay, Sissy?” 

Rachel on the hunt for her blue ball, but coming across Claire’s purple frog, proudly bringing it to her, announcing, “Sissy! Here’s you frog!” And then repeat with any toy she so much as saw Claire play with that day.

On swapping books: “Sissy! You trade books? You have this one!” 
“Okay…youuuuuu have this one!”
“Good trade!”

Running from opposite ends of the sidewalk, arms outstretched, almost colliding in a sisterly embrace.

But most of all, I love it when I catch one watching the other, as if studying their reflection intensely. I wonder what they’re thinking as they stare at their sister who looks just like them, their sister that they’ve never known more than a few hours without. 

And I wonder if they know what they have.

So I may chuckle at you for not realizing that you’re absolutely nuts for wishing twins on yourself. But maybe you’re on to something. Because you forget the crying, the juggling, the guilt of only being able to tend to one at a time. You recover from the lack of sleep.

But you don’t forget this.

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  1. What an amazing post. I'm one of those who always wished for twins. Two babies for the price of one! lol

    This post makes me wish it more. 🙂

  2. I have never wished for twins but instead wonder how parents of twins can do it. I think it is so special though that your girls are so close with each other. My girls are almost 6 years apart so they will probably never have that special bond. Great picture of the girls.

  3. I positively love your blog! I think I happen by because of SITS?
    I have good friends who are identical twins. Except, they are not identical at all – if you know what I mean :). I can see the difference, even when I first got to know them – but lots of people make still mistakes, even after seeing them for years.
    When yours grow up – they will develop their own personality. It will be so awesome to watch it! But yea, the togetherness (even when my twin friends went thru puberty and couldn't stand one another) will be there, always! It's special to see that in their lives.
    As for wishing twins in one's live: Let's be grateful for what has been given and entrusted to us…

  4. That's a crazy adorable picture.

    And while I just want healthy babies, I fear a bit having twins after having just one the first time. They run in my family and I am a chicken.

  5. Yep! Agreed.
    When the boys were also suffering a bit (as I was) from colic, and people said that to me, I wouldn't even smile. I'm force a smile and snap "RIGHT! THANKS" LOL.
    I know an idiot and said to me whilst on fertility drugs, "Ohh, I hope I have triplets." I almost slapped her for her sheer ignorance. hahaha.

  6. This is such a beautiful post! I SO look forward to the days when they start really interacting with each other. Right now, they play side by side, but not together and one twin consistently crawls over the other twin to get where she wants to go with no regard for her discomfort…..LOL. So, it'll be nice to see them develop into Best Friends.

  7. I'm one of those annoying people that always says they want twins. Mainly because I'm only getting knocked up once, so if I'm meant to have more than one kid, it better be in there.

  8. So well said! I love my twins more every day and love watching them interact. I am now expecting my third and we were actually bummed when we found out it was just 1!

  9. My best friend has twins and they are too cute… but yeah. I'm good with one. Kudos to you, girl!

  10. This is my experience. To. The. Letter.

    The panic when I learned that we were expecting twins.

    The "I always wanted twins" comments that make me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

    The joy of watching two siblings grow up side-by-side, the same age, reaching the same milestones, each in their own way, on their own time, but always connected.

    We are blessed.

  11. Before I gush about your adorable girls let me make sure it's out in the universe that I do not want twins.
    One at a time is plenty for me.
    That being said.
    It remains a beautiful mystery to me the connection twins have and it's so sweet to read it here how your lovelies take care of each other.

  12. My baby sisters are twins. I am 5 years older than they are (37) and we have another sister that falls in between us. For the record, that means that for a while my parents had a 5 year old, 3 year old and infants.

    I remember them scrambling quite a bit. The twins used to get a ton of attention.

    Anyway, while I didn't have to do the work, I do remember some moments distinctly. The folks worked hard, but it was all worth it.

  13. I'm sure I'm guilty of having said, "wouldn't have been great to have had twins." LOL. But if we had, as you say, it would have been worth all the insanity and sleep deprivation. Thanks for making me smile. A lovely blog!

  14. I almost fell out of my stirrups…I need to find a way to introduce that sentence into one of my conversations this weekend!
    And yes, I'm one of those "I always wanted to have twins!" until my last child decided that causing me two years of sleep deprivation would snap me out of that mentality. But you are stronger for the experience…do you hate that comment too? I would.

  15. Okay, for two seconds you had me convinced that I actually WOULD want twins. And then I snapped back into the reality of my feelings of ineptitude with only one three year-old. Such a sweet post!

  16. That is so sweet AND I've totally wished for twins… ha ha… instead I had four kids in 4.5 years… which is ALMOST like twins when you're nursing one baby and PG with the next one. Kid #1 and #2 are 13 months apart. In some psychotic way… when all 4 were in diapers (at least pull ups at night) I dreamed of all the things I could've bought that I wouldn't have thrown away in a few hours instead…
    But now that the youngest is 5, what I mostly remember (and took photos of) are all the smiles and giggling!

  17. Love the curls! The curls are so cute. It does appear that they are becoming more loving towards one another – mine too. I wonder if it's an age thing. They are getting older and I wonder if they are just more aware that the other is there and not going away.

  18. Beautiful girls. I do not have twins and happily have never said.."Oh I have always wanted twins." Karma is not good to me. I am careful. How great it is that you have embraced the great things the come with them being twins! Enjoy!

  19. When someone tells me they have twins, I reply either, "Oh, bless you, how do you do it???" or, "My god, woman, are you ok?!"

    Once you have a baby, you never know how people with multiples do it. I marvel.

  20. my mom is a twin, and in our family it has skipped a generation for many generations… and I always, always, ALWAYS wanted twins – but I wanted them FIRST. I wanted to "not know anything else"… I wanted them together, at the same time, then I could happily not have more children… but alas, I had just one… she's the apple of my eye, the center of my world, and Hubs says our one and only… I'm working on changing his mind, but not I'm more concerned that I could have twins, than excited and hoping for them… I always wanted two kids, Hubs says "one or three"… maybe twins would work out after all… although like you mentioned, the newborn stage was difficult enough with one… not sure how I'd manage with two 🙂

    I love this post. I love the picture. I love that your girls have each other like they do… I want that for my Goose – not a twin – that would be impossible 😉 but a sibling, or two. 🙂

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