Oh, he watches it

The following is not based on an actual event. It IS an actual event.

Let’s set the scene: Leigh Ann and Christian are hanging out in their bedroom. 

Mind in the gutter already? Let’s start again.

Leigh Ann is lounging on the bed, dutifully folding laundry and watching Private Practice. You know, the show with all of the amazingly attractive doctors who are slightly overdressed and way too old to be cavorting around like horny teenagers.

Christian is at his desk, working  playing computer games  working  playing computer games oh who knows? He’s super busy and important.

Okay, so now your head is out of the gutter and you can envision the scene. 

Just so happens that there is another too-crazy-to-believe case at Oceanside Wellness. Or for amazingly beautiful, immaculately dressed, double board certified Addison Montgomery, it’s just another day at the office.

Newest patients are expecting a baby. Baby has a heart condition and won’t live. Mom and Dad have already suffered through three IVF rounds, two miscarriages, and now want Addison and her fabulous infertility specialist bestie Naomi to harvest the baby’s eggs so they can fertilize them and GIVE BIRTH TO THEIR DAUGHTER’S BABY. Because adoption would just be too much trouble. 

Important detail: Dad is played by David Eigenberg, who also played Steve in Sex & the City. He looks rough. Maybe it’s part of the character. But I’m wiling to bet it’s because he wasn’t the breakout start of SATC2 that he thought he’d be. And if you didn’t see the first SATC movie, this won’t make any sense to you.

C [yes, I catch him watching it in between working, or playing, or whatever it is he’s doing]: “Haven’t they ever heard of adoption?” 

Me: “I know…kind of selfish don’t you think?” [besides being unbelievably unbelievable, this has spurred a thoughtful conversation between us]

C: “Well, maybe that’s why they can’t have kids.” [Or maybe that’s how the writers wrote it. We don’t judge around here. Much.]

[keeps watching]

Me [directed at Dad/Steve]: “You know why you can’t have kids? It’s all because you cheated on…..on…..uuuuuuhhhhh……..” [Dammit, why can’t I think of that chick’s name from Sex and the City???]


Yup. My husband can recite off the top of his head the Sex and the City characters and all of their illicit affairs. Or at least this one.

Man card, please

To which he replies, “You had better not blog about this.”

Don’t cross this saucy red head unless you want to suffer infertility on another show. 

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  1. I watch Private Practice also and Steve/the dad whatever you want to call him did look a lot different in Practice than he did in Sex and the City. The fact that your husband can recall characters from Sex and the City is totally blogworthy because not many men can do that (or at least I don't think they can).

  2. I don't watch ANY of those shows (I am tube-burned at the end of the day from Dora and Blue and Barney) but I DO know enough to get the hilarity and need for discretion! I can't believe you exposed your man 😛 But I won't rat you out… don't worry 🙂

  3. Hahaha…in the early years, Sex and the City was awesome so we bothnwatched it…then it sucked and we quit but whenever we see that actor we go all nasaly and call him Steve…you know, that nasal voice of his.


  4. My husband once passed a woman on the street and said "didn't that look jut like lane?"

    The man pays way too much attention when I watch Gilmore girls

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