Preemies, painting, and pinot

There are a few things I am passionate about: writing, reading, and oh my GOD I am even boring myself with myself. If you know me at all though, you know I am most passionate about raising awareness for prematurity. Our family of five, including our former featherweight, 31 week preemie twins, now THREE YEARS […]

Know when to say “wean”

I have to make a decision. I hate making decisions.I feel in my gut that it’s time to wean Zoe. She’s almost 14 months, eating big girl food, drinking big girl milk. Walking everywhere. Chasing and giggling at the dog, the cat, her sisters.I didn’t have this tough decision weighing on my with the big […]

I’m syndicated on Blogher!

I’m honored. Humbled. Ecstatic! Giddy. And just plain jumping for joy at the fact that I’m syndicated on BlogHer today! “But what does that even mean?” you ask. BlogHer is the largest network of women in blogging and social media, reaching over 25 million unique visitors each month. Since 2005, their vision has been “to […]

Rule 12: Cleanliness is Overrated

This is part of an ongoing series chronicling my attempts to regain a bit of my sense of self, and my sanity, by implementing Elizabeth Lyons’ 32 Rules that Sustain a (Mostly) Balanced Mom. Subscribe to my RSS feed to get the whole series! Don’t forget to check out Elizabeth’s assignment for each rule at the […]

The Art of Eating a Moose for Hours

I bought books tonight. Real, honest to goodness books. With pages.Lately my reading time has been consumed by blogs. Any blogger will tell you that reading blogs is a double edged sword: you have so many you love to read, and it’s the best way to spread the bloggy love and get your name out […]