Rock the Bump!

I hate being pregnant.

I don’t carry it well.

I have a hard time getting around.

I hate being incapacitated.

I just want my body back.

The first time around wasn’t so bad. Except for the whole “carrying two babies” thing.

But I was still a saucy broad.

I don't think you're ready for this belly (about 23 wks w/R&C)

Oh, and there’s that whole preeclampsia thing.

Basically, it’s 9 months of miserable for me. Or in the case of my first pregnancy, 7 months.

26 weeks w/R&C. Still smiling because it's my first pregnancy and it's so new and exciting! Little did I know I would have babies in 5 wks. And look how clean my house was!


The second time around was sheer torture.

Sick all the time.

Horrible sciatica.

Trying to care for two not yet 2 year olds.

Oh, and there was more of that preeclampsia thing.

But I endured.

Look at how thrilled I am. But I did love being able to wear fitted sweaters and not be self conscious.

And look what I got:

I’m Leigh Ann from Genie in a Blog, and I’m proud to say that whether or not I liked it, I was…


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  1. Oh yes- I loved being able to wear fitted sweaters- fitted anything, really!

    It’s so much harder to be pregnant when you are chasing around toddlers at the same time!

    That first pic is cracking me up! Thanks for joining in!

    1. I remember laying in the middle of the floor some days, trying SO HARD to stay awake while they played around me or watched TV, just counting the minutes until nap time!

  2. Look at you striking a pose in that first shot! Wow – quite the ordeal you had as a preggo lady. I remember being preggo and chasing around one – must have been crazy chasing around two!

    1. It was hell. I got pregnant when they were 14 months and they didn’t even start walking until 16 and 17 months. But they didn’t fight and wrestle nearly as much back then, so it was kind of a trade off.

  3. Okay, You are adorable!
    And that family picture at the end?
    I love it.
    WHAT A GORGEOUS FAMILY (I’m about to become a part of *sisterwive*)

    1. I know! It’s not nearly as exciting, and having to care for other kids at the same time? Exhausting.

  4. I can help but notice you used used “hate” instead of “hated”, “don’t” instead of “didn’t”, and “have” instead of “had”. Any reason you choose the present tense?

  5. Love this post 🙂 I am having a summer pregnancy so everything I wear is loose and flowy (which makes me look 5x’s bigger than I really am. I wish I could wear cute fitted sweaters but I might have a heat stroke. You rocked it girl!! I love the first picture!

  6. I love how you became increasingly annoyed in your pictures. hahaha Pregnancy was torture for me, too. You’re a trooper for doing it twice!

  7. That was one of the things I liked about being pregnant- never having to “suck in.” You were adorable. And so is your fam. I got preeclampsia, too, but not until during the c-section. it took several weeks for my blood pressure to return to close to normal. Weird.

  8. I think you looked really, really great BOTH times! And I’m digging your bump attitude in that top picture. 😉

    1. Thanks! It was much easier to appreciate the pregnancy when it was a) planned; and b) not sucking the life out of me. 🙂

  9. Oh, I’m pretty sure that I could have taken that last picture. I love the baby bumps – all ‘belly out like crazy’ without blaming the Chinese food.

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