What does the bump lead to?

Last month I graced you with some saucy and less than saucy photos of me during my two pregnancies.

And while pregnancy for me wasn’t all sunshine, roses, and unicorn poop, I definitely have some sunshiny and rosy pics that came of it.

The poop? Not so unicornish.


Claire basking under the bili lights in the NICU - 3 days old


Snuggling with Rachel
Holding both for the 1st time
There was a lot of this...
...But also a lot of this
...And definitely a lot of this.
And then this! Double smiles!


But I wasn’t done. I went back for more. And more I got.

Ohmigod one baby is a snap! We thought.
DJ Zo Zo
Trust me, she does more than sleep
Like sleep on Daddy's arm
But we had some fun with this one
WTF are you doing??? Get me outta here!

Three years into motherhood, and I’m still Rockin the Baby! Not really though, because I’m done.

No, really.

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    1. Ha, yes and no. She was easy, the twins weren’t bad, but it was the dynamic of the 3 of them that was tough for several months!

  1. OMG this post had me sighing, weeping, and laughing!!

    Those tiny babies.. so little, clinging to you. OH my heart aches.
    And you sleeping with them tucked so close, beautiful.
    Little Z with her sister in the crib… hilarious!!! OMG,

    1. Some of my favorite times. We used to do that every day sitting on the couch or in the glider. This was a morning in which I pulled them into bed with me to get a few extra minutes of shut eye.

    1. Aw thanks Carrie. But as a side note, the one with Rachel and me is at about 10 days old, and the one with both of them is at 3 weeks old. The ones right after delivery are banned from sight. I lost a ton of weight immediately because my preeclampsia was gone and I was pumping like crazy for the NICU. Don’t worry, it all came back. But thanks for the sweet words!

  2. I loved sleeping with my baby on me. My first one did it all the time, my second one not so much. And I missed that snuggly feeling 🙂

    Not enough to have another one though!

    1. My third rarely slept on me. A lot when when was a newborn, but after that very rarely, maybe if she had woken up from her nap too early and her sisters were still asleep. I would think about all the things I had to do, then remember, “She won’t be this little forever,” and lay down with her. I’m glad, because she stopped letting me rock her at 4 months.

  3. I’m giving you a personal award – Lifetime Parental Achievement Award! I say it goes to anyone who has twins (or better) because I can’t even begin to imagine the extra duty (doodie) that comes with twins! & then you added another child before the twins were 20? You must be a glutton!

    Anyhoo – those girlies are just beautiful! I’m with you on the double smiles – such a reward! I love the pic with the baby screaming for her life with one of the twins! That’s precious & hilarious at the same time.

    1. Ha, nice play on words! And the timing on the third child wasn’t exactly planned…but I really think that if we waited until we were ready to have another, we never would have done it. She’s pretty cool, so no harm, no foul. 🙂

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