iPhone Photo Phun – End of Hell, I mean summer

Welcome to iPhone Photo Phun, brought to you by the amazing Liz and KLZ! These ladies started this weekly meme to give us a place to share those fun photos that we take at the spur of the moment with our phones. I’m sorry to say that I probably take more photos with my phone […]

Pee in your pants, but please eat your carrots.

This Thursday, 9/1 is the day — the day when I ship my girls off to Mother’s Day Out for the first time ever. They’re so excited! I’m SO EXCITED! We talk about going to school every single day. I know they’ll do great, and it’ll be good for all of us. I even kinda […]

Rule 15: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

This is part of an ongoing series chronicling my attempts to regain a bit of my sense of self, and my sanity, by implementing Elizabeth Lyons’ 32 Rules that Sustain a (Mostly) Balanced Mom. Subscribe to my RSS feed to follow my experiment, and check out the rest of the posts in the series! —————- While out shopping […]

Ear Candy

When I was a young lass at the tender age of 15, I lived and breathed music. I would scour the pages of the entertainment that came in the Sunday edition of the Dallas morning news, clipping out any articles or photos of my favorite bands. My friends and I annually attended concerts like Edgefest […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

Welcome to my weekly Attitude of Gratitude! If this is you’re first time stopping by, read about why I started my weekly gratitude post.   This week I’m grateful for:   Lunch dates with Daddy. Lollipops at the pediatrician’s office. And our pedi, because we absolutely love her. Rachel hugged her when she saw her. […]

Progress reports. In my head.

We’ve paid the registration. We’ve got the cute ladybug backpacks and matching lunch sacks. Everything we own is about to get tattooed with our last name. In exactly two weeks my baby girls will start preschool, which is really just my fancy name for the twice a week Mother’s Day Out program they’ll be attending. […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

To find out what Attitude of Gratitude is all about, go here!  Want to participate? Write a post, a list, or show us a photo, and link up below! This week I’m grateful for: Cuddling with Rachel, watching Tangled, after repeated insistence of “No Punzel? I don’t wan watch Wapunzel!” and then “Mommy! I loooooove Wapunzel!” […]