Knocked up with #VlogTalk

I’m back with another installment of #VlogTalk with Jessica, Kate, and Elena! I’ve missed you vlogging peeps.


Many of you know that the little one we call Zoe was, um, not exactly planned. We call her our Outer Banks souvenir. Here’s a little reenactment of how it all went down.

Finding out about the pregnancy, that is. Not the conception itself. This isn’t that kind of site.





So there you have it. Big surprise, lots of shock, and a whole lotta adjustment. But we persevered, she’s here, and she’s awesome.


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    1. Was I whispering? Probably self consciously, even though I was on the other side of the house. My house is small, yo.

    1. Oh I bet! I remember shedding a tear when we found out the first pregnancy was twins, but it was still exciting at that point.

  1. OMG this is hilarious!
    I loved that you showed us how talented you really are!
    Your hilarity really shines on this one!
    A true actress!

    i loved seeing you xoxox

  2. I should mention also that I’ve had The Twin Spin on my sidebar for the past several months rather than this address, and had been wondering why you hadn’t been posting! Will definitely be tuning in now!

    1. I know, I think I lost all of my blogger subscribers when I moved. But I’m glad you found me again!

  3. Ok. So I think this is MY FAVORITE VLOG OF THE WEEK! Yes, you just earned that award that I just came up with.

    I can relate, in the opposite though. We were trying for a second & were so excited to find out we were pregnant again. Until…the 6 weeks appt when I was told “it might be twins” and to “come back in three weeks to be sure’. I think I cried for three weeks thinking, “how the heck am I suppose to take care of a 2 y/o and twin newborns” & “why can’t I just have one baby at a time like normal people?” I even told myself I’d be happy if we went back & it was just one baby. Joke was on me, and it was still two. Over two years later, I wouldn’t change it for the world (most days…lol).

    1. LOL yeah “most days” is key. People ask me if I can imagine life without Zoe, and I say yes…yes I can. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to keep her!

  4. Lady, that was hoo-larious! If this blog thing doesn’t work out, you might have a future in acting….

  5. Oh, I can so relate to the crying for 3 days. I did that with BOTH times the stick turned pink. How is it I have 3 kids and I never even tried? But I love them all. 🙂

  6. This was fantastic… I smell “reality show”, wait it could be something else I smell… just kidding. It was like being a fly on the wall. And good job on “maning” up for Chis’s part. Too funny!

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