What I love about him

He’s rough and tough and manly and stuff.

But he’s not above hanging in the kiddie pool.


So refreshing


He watches the History Channel and reads National Geographic. Like for fun.

But he can also recall the name of the Sex & the City chick that escapes me at the moment.

He loves to pick out the girls’ clothes and fix their hair.

But he drives me crazy by picking out outfits that don’t coordinate and throwing their hair in messy ponytails.


He can fix just about any computer problem I have.

But he can also hack into my Facebook account while I’m chatting with a friend and type things like, “Man I gotta poop” and “Me so horny.”

Don't let that sweet face fool you. He's a trickster.

He kills creepy crawlies for me at a moment’s notice.

But he won’t dare touch any of the toads that live in the backyard tree stump.


But feeding birds is oh so manly

He’s loved me for who I was 12 years ago, and he’ll love me for who I will be in 12 more years.

But he always loves me for who I am today.

We have shamefully few photos of us together.

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  1. I get so giddy when I see pictures of you guys! My friends!!
    I have the same pic of B in the kiddie pool!
    They are good dads!
    I am a huge fan of the parrot picture.. It takes great strength to hold up a bird of that size. You have chosen a good mate!

    Well done.

    1. Yeah, everyone pretty much knows that he’s never serious. Which makes it awkward when he is truthfully saying things like “we’re having twins,” or “our dog died.” 😉

  2. He LOOKS like a trickster!
    I have a similar picture of my husband with a bird on his shoulder, but he’s looking at it sideways because “It wanted to eat my face!”

    1. LOL. He was a little too thrilled to be feeding those birds. And he is a TOTAL trickster. Never a dull moment.

  3. The FB stuff sounds like something my husband would do too. And isn’t it funny how they watch SATC?? Mine does too and I never realized it until he started saying stuff about one of the characters!

    1. Ha ha ha ha! No, it’s a camera bag. But he would totally rock the murse is he had to. I mean, the guy’s got 3 sisters and 3 daughters. He’s in touch with his sensitive side.

  4. You are only as good as the sum total of your parts. Meaning, you two were meant for each other. It is so endearing to see you are the ying to his yang and that you love each other. If gratitude were an attitude you have it. Great article, but I could be a little bias. Love you

    1. He is seriously silly. And sometimes I think he’s the only one, but that seems to be the norm…

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