An Attitude of Gratitude

Welcome to my weekly Attitude of Gratitude! If this is you’re first time stopping by, read about why I started my weekly gratitude post.


This week I’m grateful for:


Lunch dates with Daddy.

Lollipops at the pediatrician’s office. And our pedi, because we absolutely love her. Rachel hugged her when she saw her. I’m sure she wanted to take it back once she got her shots.

The before shot. Before the shots.

Ice cream with chocolate sauce.

That I got sucked into another season of HGTV’s Design Star. I can’t get enough of that show! Now come design my house!

My Target Red Card. Saving 5% every time I go to Target? Awesome. Because it’s a lot.

Saturday morning errands with Zoe. So much fun spending one on one time with my girl.

Zoe loves her some socks in bulk.

Watching movies with my guy. Even really bad ones that we turn off halfway through.

Webcamming with Grandma and Aunt Michelle, who I get to see in less than 2 weeks!


So….What are you grateful for? Make a list or write a post and link up! Linky’s open til next Saturday.


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    1. She is definitely a cutie. I hear a lot that she looks like me. Funny how it’s hard to see that in yourself.

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