An Attitude of Gratitude #16

Welcome to Attitude of Gratitude! If you’re not familiar with my weekly post, find out why I started it!

This week definitely had it’s ups and downs. Monday I opened up my email to see that my Paypal account had been hacked and some jerk named Dimitri had set up an automatic payment from me to him. Props on the hacking, but that’s not nice!

Plus, I don’t keep any money in that account anyway, so joke’s on you, fool!

And then the day ended with a call to Poison Control when I realized that instead of her antibiotics for her ear infection, C had given Rachel a dose of some random goo from way back in April. {This is why it’s good to clean out the ENTIRE fridge, not just the main shelves.} No biggie, she’s fine.

But we definitely had some wins this week, and I’ve found myself grateful for a lot:

Bookstores — whether they’re for buying books, reading books, or unshelving books, they’re a whole lotta fun.

Zoe even made a little boyfriend at the bookstore. He was playing hide and seek among the shelves with his dad, and Zoe was just playing YOU CAN’T CATCH ME YOU CRAZY LADY!!! with me. But she kept coming across little boy, and every time she did, he would try to beckon her over to hide with him. So. Cute.

Painting little girl nails.

Excitement over M&Ms (duh — they’re delicious).

Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as both girls were {almost} complete angels on a trip to Target.

Watching Zoe so eager to join her sisters in play time, doing what they’re doing.

Christian being extra calm, patient, and loving with the kids when he knows I’m at the end of my rope.

Yogurt covered pretzels.

Zoe signing “please” and “more.”

Claire and Rachel snuggling together in Rachel’s bed after nap time.



Finally, this week was so full of super funny quotes, I just had to share:

Me: “Okay, Rachel, let’s wipe you’re butt.”
Rachel: “Good idea, Mommy.”

Claire: “Dad…I’m so sorry I spilled….”

Claire: “We hafta go play dis.”
Christian: “No, I don’t want to play that. I want to play with this.”
Claire: “Dad. We hafta go play this.” {I totally imagined her all serious, with her hand on his shoulder.}

Rachel: I hafta go pee pee in the potty and then go to school!” {The are SO EXCITED about starting “school,” so what better potty training incentive?}

Claire: “Mom…I’m so sorry I got mad at you.”

So maybe the funny was in the context, and since you weren’t here for that, well then it’s probably not as funny to you! But it seems like our little three year olds are turning into actual little people, like with manners and stuff.


What about you? What are you grateful for? Write a post or make a list and link up! Linky’s open until Saturday!


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  1. I can’t believe someone hacked your account. I have serious issues with thieves. Who taught them it was ok to just take??

    Your girls are so adorable. The hilarity they come out with is perfect!!

    1. Were you also grateful for Children’s Benedryl? Cause that’s the only way I could have gotten through trip like yours! Glad you all got home safely and in one piece.

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