Pee in your pants, but please eat your carrots.

This Thursday, 9/1 is the day — the day when I ship my girls off to Mother’s Day Out for the first time ever.

They’re so excited!


We talk about going to school every single day. I know they’ll do great, and it’ll be good for all of us.

I even kinda know what to expect, to a degree.

But I still have some fears.

Rachel will pee her pants.

This is less of a fear than it is a fact.

I know. Once kids are potty trained accidents are inevitable for months to come, if not years. But this girl is really giving me a run for my money when it comes to using the actual toilet, and they only have normal sized ones to use there. I relented to bribing them with an M&M, which worked swimmingly on Claire, but Rachel’s not convinced that the toilet’s not going to eat her.

So unless we can stash a little Ikea potty in the bathroom, I’m packing 10 extra pairs of underwear and giving her teacher a hefty warning.

And Claire? Just be prepared to find her randomly without underwear at some point in the day.

They won’t eat their meal.

They’re decent lunch eaters here at home…strapped into booster seats. I fear that the excitement of being in a cool new place will make eating just seem so last week {you know, last week, when we were stuck at home with Mom every day?}. Plus, you know I’m going to try and fool their teachers into thinking that they eat super healthy, lest she find out they survive on a diet of string cheese, pretzels, and grapes. But the joke’ll be on me when they open up their lunch bags and make it clear that carrots equal death and disgust in stick form. And it’ll all come home untouched.

This will surely cause major meltdowns and demands of the fishy variety when they are released back into my care.

They won’t play nice.

Rachel and Claire are best friends. And worst enemies. But they’re used to each other’s quirks and annoyances. I’m not sure how they’ll react to other kids being thrown in the mix who might take their toys or exhibit other behaviors that their not used to.

To be fair, they’re not total hermits. They’ve grown up going to playdates and interacting with other kids their age. And many a mom and even the preschool director has assured me that kids just act differently when they’re at “school.” But still. No one wants to be the mom of the kid who yanked out a chunk of little Susie’s hair because she knocked over her block tower.

Oh, geez, who am I kidding — my kids are totally going to be the tower knocker overs.

They won’t interact.

I don’t worry much about them missing me or pouting that I’ve left them. I don’t worry that they’ll be lonely or without friends. They always have each other. I DO worry that they will look to each other so much that they’ll inadvertently avoid making other friends. Not terribly troubling now in twice a week Mother’s Day Out, but turning inward and alienating others is definitely something to consider in the coming school years.

They won’t be seen as individuals.

They’ll be known only as “Rachel&Claire,” or just “The Twins.”

Twins, especially identicals, are always in danger of being lumped into a unit. Even I often refer to them as R&C on this blog, with not even a space to separate them. I’m often plagued with {understandable} questions like “Which one is this?” and I know they’ll grow up always being asked “Are you Rachel or Claire?”

When you have two kids that are the same age, teachers, friends, and relatives have to make a distinct effort to get to know them as individuals. And that can be even harder when they look exactly alike.


I’m excited about this new adventure for my girls, and I know my fears will be put to rest before too long.

But my biggest fear? They’re growing up. This is only step one in the long road of them getting older, bigger, more mature. And I love it and hate it at the same time.


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  1. I dropped my 16 yr old off at boarding school today! DON’T BLINK it goes really quickly.

    Xoxo love this post!

  2. I try to never give advice. But, mom to mom, most of your fears are going to wash away quickly. Something about group dynamics or teacher voices helps most kids go potty, eat, play nice…all that stuff we think they’ll never do. It’s kind of amazing.

    As far as getting the kids mixed up, this is something you’ll have to work at. Mine aren’t even identical and people still mix them up. They say, “you dress them alike” but I always respond that we are on an Army post, everyone is dressed alike!! It doesn’t hold water. Don’t allow them to put name tags on your girls (unless they put them on the WHOLE CLASS) it’s demoralizing. Force them to learn who is who. Help them out at first, but make them figure it out. It makes me crazy when people lump them together. Their different. They deserve to be treated as individuals, just like all the other kids. Just keep reminding the teacher that it’s important for them to figure it out.

    Ok, off the soapbox now. Sorry for writing a blog post in your comments!

    1. our advice is welcome, oh wise mother of older twins. After going to meet the teacher today, I am confident that they’ll do pretty well. We’ll just have to see. I hope she gets to where she can tell the differences between them.

  3. They’ll do great. Believe it or not, my kids ONLY eat well when it’s at school. They know they have to stay in their seats because all the other kids are. Here, I never have all three sitting down at the same time. It’s exhausting.

  4. OMG I laughed so hard at this post!
    Because of the pee pants of course!
    You know what? I know that you have these fears, and in a few years so will I, but the thing about your girls is that they are two totally different people and the kids at school are going to see that. The first couple of days it’s going to be way cool that the girls look the same and are twins but once the novelty wears off their different likes and characters will come through.
    They will make different friends.
    Although they still might be known at Rachel & Claire it’s probably only going to be because they are the hot twins they are so OMG awesome!

    1. LOL I think they’ll be awesome too. Having twins as classmates was always cool, but I have a friend who is a twin and she remembers always just being referred to as “The Twins” by other people in school. I hope they can find a good balance of being sisters and being individuals.

  5. Yay for MDO! I’ve been contemplating it myself ’round here and still not sure what I’ll do. I wish you all the best this Thursday. Big Day!

    1. We hemmed and hawed about it because of cost, but I don’t think we can wait any longer. We ALL need this.

  6. I am SO guilty of lumping Charlotte and Madison into the “the twins” classification. I worry about our preschool days AND I can’t wait for it at the same time. The one thing I realized about school when my oldest started was that they will do so many things at school that they don’t do at home. Drinking from an open cup you say? Of course! Peeing in the potty on demand? Absolutely! Eating her vegetables….ok not so much….but you’ll hopefully be as pleasantly surprised as I was. 🙂 What a wonderful time in all of your lives. I still still have another year….#holdme…….and I just hashtagged a comment….proving I’m WAY addicted to twitter…..LOL.

    1. I love those names! I’ve heard that they will totally surprise me with all that they’ll do for their teachers. Laughing so hard at your hashtag. I always have the urge to do it too.

    1. Oh, it’s not, but I’m hoping that they’ll still hang onto their nap and sleep for a while after school when she does.

  7. I also worry about randomly appearing without underwear during the day. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I’m not wearing underwear. I suspect the husband, but he swears he has nothing to do with it.

    I’m sure your girls will do great!

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