iPhone Photo Phun – End of Hell, I mean summer

Welcome to iPhone Photo Phun, brought to you by the amazing Liz and KLZ! These ladies started this weekly meme to give us a place to share those fun photos that we take at the spur of the moment with our phones. I’m sorry to say that I probably take more photos with my phone than I do my DSLR.

Oh, and my version is actually NiPPP — “Not an iPhone Photo Phun.” But they’re still letting me join in. Yay for acceptance!

iPhone Photo Phun

School is already in session, and we’re about to start Mother’s Day Out with our backpacks, lunch bags, our fears, and our predictions.

Unfortunately the “end of summer” doesn’t really mean much. It’s not going to cool off for good around here until well into October.

I mean, it’s seriously hot this year. Ridiculously hot, with triple digit temps for over 70 days straight now.

This was not taken with my phone. It's just an illustration to show you stupid the weather is here. Oh, and remind me to get my jacket out for Thursday.

To celebrate the “end of the inferno” and the beginning of school, let’s take a look at what we’ve been doing to cool down this summer.

Double the ice cream
Double the mud (from the sprinkler, 'cause there sure as hell hasn't been any rain around these parts).


Sometimes we lounged in the pool


Sometimes the only way to cool off was to lay on the nice cool floor at the pediatrician's office. Never mind that we didn't even have an appointment. She has nice floors.


Sometimes we just had to let it all hang out.

It’s been fun, but I am definitely looking forward to getting beck into the double digits.


How have YOU been staying cool (and sane) this summer?


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  1. On the rare hot days the twinks run in the sprinkler. They recently discovered the vent for the boiler at the base of the house. So they started spraying water in it…the vent and the boiler are in the laundry room. So yeah, I’m ready for winter.

    1. Seriously. Unfortunately, fall only lasts a few weeks around here before it turns into full blown winter.

  2. I love the pool pic. It’s like she’s saying, “Attempt to remove me from this water and I’ll cut a bitch.” And the last photo? Priceless! I do love me some baby tush.

    It’s actually been gorgeous and fall-like here in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. But there have been a few ridiculously hot days this summer when I may or may not have sat in Lil’ Bit’s baby pool with a beer in my hand. And there may or may not have been pictures taken… which may or may not have been posted on my blog.

    1. Ha! Hubs gets irritated because I don’t like to get in the baby pool with them. Being surrounded by 3 little ones constantly splashing me in the face and crawling on me? No thanks. But they do get kinda huggy and snuggly when I’m in the pool

    1. It is torture. We’re used to heat here, but this year has been ridiculous. It’ll cool off soon, and by cool off I mean it’ll just be in the 90s. “Fall” will get here sometime in October!

  3. Omg. Z is hilarious!!!

    I think she and S would get along so well. They’d chill in the pool, hang out on floors, take off their diapers, scream….

  4. Seriously. I am OVER IT. This heat may just be my end. Perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic, but so be it. Today does feel like a cool front, doesn’t it? Walking to school this morning was almost chilly – if you have a really good imagination, that is.

    1. Right? My morning runs have been downright brisk! But it actually does feel good out there around 7am, until I start to sweat that is.

  5. I don’t think it’s the naked butt as much as wearing shoes with said naked butt. 🙂

    The cold wood floor photo made me think of our dog. Not that your child is a dog, but he TOTALLY does that to get cool!

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