An Attitude of Gratitude #17

Welcome to Attitude of Gratitude! If this is your first time stopping by, read why I started this weekly series. If you’d like to join in, make a list or write a post of what you’re grateful for, and link up!


This week I’m grateful for:


Pink cupcakes

Homemade silly putty

Zoe’s cute voice — even if it does usually say “no.”

A Friday evening trip to the playground, Rachel shedding her fears of sliding alone, and watching her and Zoe go down again and again and again.

Zoe making a little friend at the playground, holding hands and sliding together.

Instinctive teachers who have my girls’ best interests at heart and good friends who see me through a difficult decision.

Movie night with the Hubs — even if it is THOR.


What were you grateful for this week?


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  1. S started saying no this week too, but she says it after we do in a mocking voice. She hasn’t started to protest and say NO yet. That’s coming.

    I’m grateful for dishwashers and one day sleeping. I know there will be a day.

    1. R&C didn’t start saying it out of protest until the ywere older, at least as far as I remember. She definitely picked it up from them.

  2. i am grateful that you taught me that Dr. Pepper was DP, and I will remember that for the rest of my life because it was the funniest thing ever and I KNOW what DP is. And I bet that you would be grateful if I forgot and quit associating your name with DP, but that’s just not gonna happen. Sorry.

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