An Attitude of Gratitude #18

Welcome to my Sunday Attitude of Gratitude! Read here to find out why I started this weekly gratitude post. If you have something you’re grateful for or something that made you happy, write a post or make a list and link up, or leave me a comment!


This week I was grateful for:


PRESCHOOL. Because the days we didn’t go were very, very tough.

Slightly cooler weather that allowed us to stay outside for most of Friday.


Watching my former featherweight preemies climb and scale a huge playscape like it was nothin. They owned that playscape.

The sweet mom who didn’t mind that all 3 of my girls practically attacked her 7 month old at the park.

R&C’s new teacher telling me that they are very huggy in class — coming up and randomly giving her hugs all day. Those are my sweet, sweet girls.

Celebrating nine years with my incredible husband.

Popcorn/movie nights, and Rachel singing along to the ending credits song in Rio.

What were you grateful for this week? Link up! Linky’s open until Saturday.



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  1. My girl is huggy too.
    I’m so glad that your daughters teacher hugs them back. There are so many rules in schools now and so many teachers are afraid to cross boundaries. Children are suffering.
    Human touch and comfort is necessary, especially for little ones just going to school for the first time.
    This makes me happy

    1. It is so heartwarming. All of the staff at their preschool is so sweet…you should have seen how many hugs they always gave their previous teacher, and she always melted. It makes me happy that my girls are a) not shy — because I was, and b) very very sweet. 🙂

  2. What a great week!! The thing I am most grateful for this week is how well Cheyenne is taking to potty training. She will stop whatever she’s doing to go over and go potty. She hasn’t had an accident yet and it’s already been almost a week!! I hope you have another great week full of things to be grateful for next week!

    1. That’s good news! It’s nice when you finally turn that corner and realize that they’re pretty much trained.

    1. I was loving the cooler temps, but this weekend it got hot again. Not in the 100s like it was in the dead of summer, but still high 90s. I am so ready for fall.

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