A WTF trip to the store with #iPPP

We don’t go to the grocery store as a family very often, but we needed a few things. Like milk. And M&Ms.

Short trips like this also give us a chance to let the big girls walk and practice staying with us instead of running off in 20 different directions like feral cats desperately in need of domestication.

It also gives us the chance to do this:


I'm totally adding this to my twin perks list.

A homely store employee approached me apprehensively, surely to admonish me for letting my kids cling precariously to the side of the cart, lest they fall the 6 inches to the nice shiny floor. But instead, I was met with a, “Ummmmm…yeah….you’re not allowed to take pictures in the store?”

Wait, are you asking me or telling me? ‘Cause if you’re asking, then the answer is “Hell YES I am allowed to take pictures of my own children in the store! I mean have you SEEN these kids? They’re adorbs!”

I take pictures in the store all the time. Pictures of prices I want to compare elsewhere, pictures of things I likely {still} forget to buy, pictures of toys I’m thinking of getting the kids for Christmas….I mean, who is this guy to deprive my kids of their Christmas presents?

Something about policy, safety, blah, blah, blah…I’m a total policy follower, having done my time in retail and a financial institution, but this just strikes me as a little, shall we say…dumb? Where does safety play in? What are they afraid of my photographing?


Those cards are so dangerous.


 No photos of pouty 3 year olds? Or maybe it’s the ill dressed dude walking by? Ok, this one makes sense. No one wants their picture taken in that outfit.


No, it’s definitely the gratuitous Texas themed merchandise.

So, in review, it’s perfectly okay and SAFE to let my kids hang off of the grocery cart. But taking pictures of them? That’s just crazy dangerous.

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Because seriously, WTF?

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  1. Perhaps your flash is blinding? And will cause mr. ill-dressed to topple into your cart?

    I have absolutely no idea how this is a safety issue.

    1. The only thing I could think of was that people like mr. ill-dressed may not want to be a part of my shopping cart adventure photo series and have their smiley covered faces plastered on the interwebs in some mom blog.

  2. No pictures in the store is a stupid policy. I always take a stealth picture just to prove them wrong. The Twins on the side of the cart thing? ingenious. They are heartless if they don’t want that memory captured!

    1. Do it! Make sure you’re in plain sight too. I don’t know how many times I’ve taken pics of price tags, my kids, or something that was random and funny. I guess I just never got caught. Or the other employees didn’t care enough to admonish me.

  3. I so completely have been wanting to blog about this exact topic!! Sort of – I have a teenager so it’s Forever 21 (which has a no photography policy). So I was so excited to see your post!! I’m at work so I could only skim it – will read in detail later and possibly link to your post when I finally write mine (is that okay with you??).

    Feeling your photography/parent/hanging off the cart pain in Florida…….

  4. This is crazy! Cute picture though. Good thing they didn’t have you check your camera phone at customer service. I think it may be a safety violation with the way some people dress to come to the store (or not dress). It must be a slow day for someone to keep that close of an eye on you, just act like you need some help and you can’t find anyone. Too funny!

  5. I agree with the above comment- you totally should have snapped a picture of the employee while telling you not to take pictures in the store.

    And, I think you need to have another kid to stand at the end of the cart to even things out. Get on that stat.

  6. WTF is right!

    I was thinking they’d chew you out for having your kids stand on the cart. I had that happen to me in Target once by some 800 year old lady. Shut up, lady.

    1. LOL shut your face 800 year old Target lady! Yeah, I totally thought that’s what he was going to go off on me for.

  7. Wow, I take pics in HEB all the time. One pic was actually a Wordless Wednesday a while back. I can’t believe that, I would like for them to say that to me, haha!

    1. I know! I just kind of laughed with a look of, “um, okay, dude…” I’m sure it wasn’t his favorite thing to do to tell me that I had to stop.

  8. You did EXACTLY what I would have done. Only I would have taken a picture of the guy shaking his finger at me while he walked away. Then my husband would reprimand me and then I would take a picture of him reprimanding me.

    And there would be my post for tomorrow.

  9. No taking pictures in the store? But how…how will I document cotton candy pudding and jalepeno spam? Am I expected to buy them? No, no way. I’m a rule breaker.

  10. There is something amiss here.
    He is running a drug ring out of the back of the store.
    He doesn’t want evidence, for obvious reasons.
    You are the only person who has been brave enough to stand up to him.

  11. what? I take pics in the store all the time -like you mostly to compare prices and plan Christmas presents. or to see if the kid is actually going to look cute in the Halloween costume he wants. or to document their misbehavior as proof for hubby later on.
    I also like taking pictures of misspelled sales signs and stupid products, that probably end up posted on Fail Blog later.

  12. I can’t see myself taking three kids to the grocery store UNLESS my husband was there too. I try to avoid the store with just two.

    I don’t see how anyone can really get away with saying you can’t take pictures nowadays. Everyone seems to have a camera phone on them.

    1. I know. My only thought was that there have been creepy dudes taking pictures of women’s butts in stores, and maybe that’s the kind of thing they are trying to prevent. MAYBE I was trying to photograph Mr Ill Dressed’s package or something!

  13. So glad to find twin Mama’s!!! I’ve been yelled at for pictures in stores before too! Isn’t there a specific app for scanning a product and then it finds the prices elsewhere or something??

    Can’t wait to read more!

    1. There is! My husband has it on his droid. We use it at Target if we can’t find a price on something and we’re too lazy to walk to one of the scanners. it gives you a general price, not specific to that store.

  14. You crack me up!!! My kids hang off the basket too and run crazy. I think though the employees are afraid to approach me because I’m too loud and I spend too much at their store! With cameras on everyone’s phone… give me a break!

  15. LOL!!!

    It is safe to hang on the cart when you have two of them to balance it out so it doesn’t fall! And I take pictures all the time too!

  16. That’s weird, unless it’s to protect people like me from the embarrassment of having photos of myself buying Sara Lee desserts at 1 am posted on the internet. Not that I would ever do that.

  17. Love your response. Do they have a no texting policy as well, which seems infinitely more dangerous than taking photos. I’d like to see them enforce that!

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