An Attitude of Gratitude #19

Welcome to my Sunday Attitude of Gratitude! Read here to find out why I started this weekly gratitude post. If you have something you’re grateful for or something that made you happy, write a post or make a list and link up, or leave me a comment!


I sucked at keeping up with my journal this week. And now I’m having a hard time picking out what was great. Age three is hard y’all. But I’m gonna try.

This week I was grateful for:


Play Doh outside. And giving in to the liberation that is mixing the colors.

Eating ice cream at the park. Or watching it melt and run down my kids’ arms.

Realizing that the big girls are pretty much {day time} potty trained. Sure, we make 10 trips to the bathroom in a 30 minute time frame, but that’s just part of the fun, right?

Getting to join my girls for a pizza party at school. Claire’s new name is “Four Piece.”

Lots of fun, food, laughter, and information at an amazing event, Blogathon ATX.

Blogathon ATX Link Coworking

I know. We’re hilarious. {That’s @C_Linnell from A Closet Writer! She crazy, yo!}


Cool breezes, falling leaves, and pumpkins. We so need fall here.

Motivation for early morning runs. Although I could do without all of the actual running and sweating and such.

Tight squeezes from all of my girls after being gone all day., with a “Mommy…you back?” Yup, back to reality.


What were you grateful for this week?



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    1. It does get a little tiring, doesn’t it? Whenever you decide to join in again, we’ll be here!

  1. AWWWW, I love tight squeezes!
    Love that picture of you girls! I would so get along with you two and those faces! Love the crazy eyeballs.

    I need you to clarify what “cool breezes” means to you!

    It was low 60’s here yesterday.. we were in our coats.

    1. Cool breezes = maybe in the 70s. Low 60s would be cold to me. 🙂

      And those aren’t crazy eyeballs, that’s just her face. 😉 Just kidding Christina!

  2. I love the photo. Awesome stuff. Also I love how you are doing these post. It’s good to stop and think about what you are thankful for.
    I didn’t write a gratitude post but I am thankful for a great many things this week. I am thankful that I’m still alive. That I have doctors that work with you and not against you. That I have a family that support me and stay by my side. I know it’s not easy knowing Mommy is sick and that it’s not a certain I will be here this time next year. But they support me and do what they can. I am very thankful for all of them.

    1. Those are wonderful things to be thankful for, Amber, thank you for sharing. I know you deal with a lot of pain and frustration, and you’re a strong person to get through it!

  3. OH man…I seriously hate the 3’s with a passion. But like you, eating ice cream helped me through.

    This week I was grateful for my grandmother. We celebrated her 90th birthday on Sunday!

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