Stay here

Stay here.

Stay here with your ability to walk by my side without running off, but your desire to be carried once in a while.

…with your deft climbing of large playscapes, but your need to have me near for your occasional slips, falls, and all around clumsiness.

…with your wild, uninhibited dancing and attempts to sing the songs from your favorite movies. Off key.

…with your attachment to the weirdest things, but your ability to lay down, go to sleep, and believe me when I say, “I’ll find it.” {although someday you’ll catch on that I’m totally not going to look for it}

…with your fierce independence, but your need for me to help you put that puzzle piece in just right.

…with your unruly hair and your baby soft skin.

…with your clear as day enunciation, but still giving me the occasional opportunity to translate for your dad.

…with your “lady pops” and “lemomade.”

…with your sweet, sweet kisses and your adorable ferberts.

…with your clamoring to crawl into bed with me, and your exuberant requests of “Mommy, lemme hide witchoo.”

…with your arms around my neck, your cheek pressed against mine as we search through the trees for the moon in the night sky.

Stay here, with an intense love for your sisters, thinking that Mommy and Daddy hung that moon.

Please stay.

Little Tikes water table

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    1. It’s hard! I know I’ll always love them to pieces, but they’ll be bigger, say fewer cute things, and will start rolling their eyes at me!

    1. Thank you, L. As much as I want to throttle them sometimes, I want them to stay this way forever.

  1. Beautiful! Made me tear up and in fact I think I still might cry. I don’t twitter or is it tweet(?), but as soon as I read this, I actually wished I had a twitter account so I could thank you for writing something so sweet. Struck a chord for sure. I truly enjoy your writing style.

  2. So true, so sweet , definitely words from the heart that every mom can relate to. I wish I could invent a freeze gun just for moments like those. It is a quandary, for all of the crazy hard times are the sweet good times that bring a tear to your eyes and warm your heart. You are so wise to embrace such an attitude of gratitude for all the good things your girls bring into your life. Love you.

  3. This is was sweet. It really makes me wish we could just put bricks on their heads and keep them from growing up. It happens way to quick.

  4. I love the reference of climbing in bed with you. I used to do that every morning (climb in bed with them) to wake them up. It was so wonderful on a cold day, when I had been out exercising or something to snuggle up next to their warm little bodies. I could still get away with it with my 2 youngest…my oldest is now 18. How did that happen?

    1. Thanks Megan! It’s a nice break from all the bitching I’ve been doing about them lately. 🙂

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