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Not too long ago the brilliant and talented KLZ from Taming Insanity let out a cry for help on the Twitter.

Taming Insanity twitter

She’s adorable with the antlers, no? AND she’s about to welcome her second son into the world, so I can see why she wants to get a head start on the organizing bandwagon.

So naturally, like any good tweep would, I rose to the occasion for my friend. Well, in reality, it’s more like I kind of stalk her, but whatever. She needed my help. Because I? Am an organizational maven. MAVEN I tell you.

Sorting, color coding, organizing, labeling, you name it. I love it. Exhibit A:

Behold, the “under the mobile island craft extravaganza!” Gotta keep those craft supplies neat, tidy, and organized so you can whip up a project in no time!

craft organization kitchen organization

Here we have everything your little artist could ever want or need:

1. Spray bottle for wiping down the table. Okay, fine, we actually use this to spray them with water when they get into unruly screaming matches at the table. This might be something that only other twin moms understand. But it’s a necessity. #truth
2.  Lunchboxes. Again, not a craft item, but look how well it fits there!
3. Watercolors that are pretty much untouched, except the black. ‘Cause that’s all my girls paint with.
4. Egg cartons for all of your caterpillar making delight.
5. Play doh. Beware the mixing of colors and attempts to eat by the toddler.
6. Crumbs.
7. A glow in the dark star that should be on the wall in a bedroom. Not mine.
8. Neat and orderly stack of coloring books, construction paper, Highlights magazines, and pictures that won’t fit on the wall but how do you throw away your child’s precious drawings of nothing?

Now I know that KLZ is probably already running off in search of supplies ot make this happen, but wait! There’s more!

If you want to keep the toys from taking over your living room, you have to have an organized space in your kid’s room. Here is the “closet o’ wonder.”

kids closet organization

1. First, take off those clunky doors and replace them with pretty, open curtains, so that you can marvel at your organizational skillz.
2. Boxes. I don’t know what’s in them. But it’s hidden, whatever it is.
3. Irresistible breakable stuff.
4. Books that I don’t want torn to shreds whilst “reading.” And a photo box filled with precious memories. Actually, it’s empty.
5.  Parenting books that don’t do you a lick of good after the first kid.
6. An organizational bin!  I don’t know what’s in it, either.
7. Random books that I wish they would tear to shreds.
8. The 2 shirts my girls own. (Just kidding…they have 3. They just have to share the 3rd one.)
9. A tent that they love…to topple over again and again, and a random bag that I’m sure I used for something several months ago.


Whew! Dare we keep on going to the next room? I call it “open concept closet.”

kids closet organization

1. Remove the doors, but don’t bother putting curtains on this time. They sure do get in the way.
2. Leave the curtain rod sitting on top of the shelves though. You might change your mind.
3. Important baby memorabilia: a baby shower souvenir, a stuffed dog, 1st birthday tiara, cards, photo box and album full of precious memories (FINE. They’re empty too. What am I, a Walgreens photo center?)
4. Hell if I know…maybe some swimsuits, a leftover Halloween costume…it’s anyone’s guess, really.
5. Haphazardly strewn outgrown clothes. And a wicker basket. For organizational purposes.
6. A cowboy boot. WTF?
7. More outgrown clothes. On hangers. Most of which she never wore.
8. Rainforest activity gym that she plays with ALL the time. Wait, she’s 19 months, not 9 months. Where the hell has the time gone???
9. Oh look. More outgrown clothes. Apparently I am in denial.


Welcoming a second (or third) child and all the crap that comes with them into your home can be exciting and daunting, but organizational nirvana can be reached! Make sure to jot down all of these tips before I start charging for them. But in the meantime, pin away, fools!

And KLZ, I hope you enjoyed your guided tour of my organizational wonderland. Baby Insanity will be happy whether he’s surrounded by perfectly labeled toys and books, or he’s sleeping in a pile of outgrown clothes that can’t seem to make their way to Goodwill. Because honestly, the more kids you start to collect, the less you really care about the organization.

Okay, maybe that’s just me.


Now head on over to Taming Insanity and see HER ideas about organizing.


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    1. he caterpillars were serious fun for a few months there. We made them again and again and they played with them endlessly. Until they tore them up.

    1. We put in those closet systems ourselves in an attempt to be more organized. The girls’ room isn’t so bad, but I have done NOTHING to Zoe’s room, hence the random throwing of things here and there.

  1. Ha!

    I love this and your descriptions of the items.

    It sounds eerily familiar.

    Although I still like to hide things behind doors.

    But I have no idea what are in some of the boxes.

    Or why I keep some of the stuff I do.

    We have the same problem with the “put away” clothing being the outgrown stuff, because the “it fits now” items are often used right out of the laundry basket because they never get put away…..

  2. You definitely have the organizational knack. Though I prefer those giant containers you store your Christmas decorations in because 1.) you can really pack them full of shit and 2.) you can’t see into them 3.) they label and stack so nicely so I look like I really have my shit together.

  3. Haha. I also put the craft supplies under our side cart and the books I don’t want torn up on a shelf.

    I dont have empty boxes though, I’m a storage box freak!!

    Love this tutorial!
    I’m off to tear doors off of closets!

  4. Teeeheheee! Super cute post, I love the numbered descriptions. Love the curtain idea though. I’m not sure what I was thinking and turned an entire room into the kid’s “playroom”. It is one heck of a mess and visible to all, unfortunately.


    1. Yeah, out living room is the “play room.” I would really like to move some of their toys into their room, but we spend ALL of our time in the living room, so they would end up out there anyway!

    1. Steal away! Wait, you want to steal my idea of just throwing everything in there and now having a clue what is where? 🙂

  5. Ahahaha. You know what brought me here? I googled “organizing kids closets” to try and get help to resolve the horror show that it 3 girls sharing a room.

    And instead what do I find? Pictures of my kids’ closet. Right down to the pile of swimsuits/costumes/randomocities.

    Bottom line- I dig your style.

    1. THAT is all kinds of awesome. I actually get a lot of traffic from that keyword search. I fear none of them are finding what they were really looking for. 😉

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