Halloween on the cheap

I usually make the kids’ Halloween costumes. I don’t bust out the sewing machine or anything, but I physically put something together as opposed to buying a premade costume. It’s usually cheaper, plus I get a certain satisfaction from making it myself.

For their first Halloween, R&C were little white mice. White long sleeved onesies with a pink oval crudely stitched onto the belly, white tights, and felt ears hand sewn onto a stretchy headband.

twins halloween costumes
7 months old. Rachel’s less than thrilled on the left.

For their second, they were blue fairies. My amazing sister in law made them some twirly tutus, and I was able to find blue long sleeved onesies, wings, and wands for pretty cheap.

fairy halloween costume twins
There was no getting a picture of them together once they started walking.

Last year they were black kitty cats, which was so incredibly easy. Black leotards, black tights, and premade kitty cat ears that I found at the craft store. I also found big chenille stems (basically giant pipe cleaners) that I cut to the length of a tail and attached to a strip of elastic and tied around their waist. After that, we could slip the tails on and off easily.

twins cat halloween costumes
Poor Zoe didn’t get to dress up for this party.

This year I decided on butterflies. I haven’t really gotten to the place of asking what they want to be yet (I’m such a dictator), so I get to decide based on what I think will be easy and inexpensive to put together. I figured we could reuse the kitty cat leotards, since they were big on them last year, and pick up some butterfly wings and headgear at a pretty good price.

Then I found this:

Halloween butterfly costume

It’s $22.50 with free shipping. So I have now the internal budgetary struggle of “Can I assemble their costume myself for less than that?” $22.50 is not a lot for a costume, but if I can get something cheaper somewhere else or  by doing it myself, then you had better believe I will. I hate buying something when I know I could have gotten it cheaper. I figure I can pick up the wings and headgear on sale at Joann (since everything is always on sale there) and still make it under this price.


What do you think? Do you think I can make it or should I just cave and buy this super cute one?

What are your kids being for Halloween? Do you make or buy their costumes?



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terra toys

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  1. This is such a tough question for a Friday, Leigh Ann! 😉 Ok, these are my thoughts. It’s kind of cool that you do this (mind you I never have!) and it would be kind of neat to say down the road ‘I made all your halloween costumes.’ However, that one that is pre-made does look easy and is pretty cheap. If you do buy it and you still tell them down the road ‘I made ALL your costumes’, I totally won’t rat you out. Your secret is safe with me. And your blog.

    1. LOL. Yeah, $22.50 does sound pretty cheap, until I realize that I need THREE of them. That’s a lot! I hate being so cheap sometimes.

    1. Oh, I wasn’t going to make the tutu, although I’ve seen easy tutorials for making them…or I found some at the craft store that were also very inexpensive. Basically, even if I don’t “make” the whole thing, I may be able put it together myself for less. It just takes more hunting and work as opposed to hitting a “add to cart” button. 🙂

  2. My daughter was a monkey last year. I got her costume from old navy on sale and because S is so tiny it fits her again this year!

  3. Daughter’s costume this year will be made.

    Sons’ costumes will likely be bought. (We’re going to attempt trick-or-treat again with severely autistic older son, on the grounds that since he’s doing so well in other settings he used to have problems with, he might do OK with trick-or-treating.) I caught that cold-with-a-cough thing going around and haven’t made it to the halloween store like I meant to this past week.

    1. I’m always doing it at the last minute. Hopefully I can prepare sooner this year since I have some spare MDO mornings, but let’s face it — probably not. 🙂

  4. Here is how I rationalize the purchase of a costume they will get hours upon hours of dress up play with them. So even if you pay $20 a piece, and they wear it 5 times a year…it really only breaks down to $10 per wear. Of course my boys love to wear thier old costumes all the time!!

    1. That’s a good way of putting it. I always tend to think of immediate cost as opposed to foreseen use, or even that I could sell it next season.

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