Week in My Life: Monday

This week I’m participating in a Week in My life with Melissa over at Adventuroo. Melissa is a big believer in capturing the everyday, and she’s encouraging her readers to join her in documenting an entire week of their lives, from the exciting to the mundane. Read more about the project here.

I’m thrilled about this project and hope that at the end of the week I’ll have a little slice of history that I can look back on in the coming months and years. You know, so I can be embarrassed about the mess in my house, my always tantrumming toddlers, or my horrible photography skills.

Adventuroo Week in My Life Monday

Today was not your average Monday. At first I was devastated that Rachel and Claire didn’t have Mother’s Day Out, but Christian ended up having the day off, which evened things out.

 This is what I get to see just about every morning. Double smiles. I know their room looks kind of like a prison cell with the bare walls and bars and all. The fun stuff is on the other side of the room.

I have no shame in admitting that the girls are still in cribs at 3.5 Every single twin mom I know has said to keep them in there as long as they are content, and content they are. What with all of the calls for Mommy and Daddy we are already answering every night, I can’t image the slumber party that’s going to occur when they’re set free.

Claire is obsessed with helping me make breakfast and begs to cook eggs every morning. She’s turning into quite the little sous chef.


Don’t tell Claire, but Rachel had the really important job: helping Daddy make the coffee. Sweet nectar of life.

Breakfast today was rather boring and not as chaotic as it can sometimes be. But something to note here is how no one is actually sitting in their own chair. One of the big girls almost always insists on sitting in Baby Zoe’s high chair, which suits Zoe just fine. She loves getting to be more like her big sisters.

We took advantage of some free passes to an indoor play place to wear the kids out. Notice that the three and a half year olds cling to me for dear life while going down the slide, while the 19 month old flies down all by herself.

She’s such an adventurer right now, emulating everything she sees her sisters doing. She’s rightfully earned the nickname Honey Badger.  She’s fearless.

Sweet Rachel really prefers quieter and more subdued activities like this bead maze. Such a thinker.

The play place got a little crowded, so we took off and headed to the park to eat lunch and eek out a little more play time since the sun was out after a very wet weekend. It was the first rain Austin had seen in months, and we had never been so happy to be cooped up for a few days.

This picture shows one of my favorite things about the big girls: their curly hair. It’s also maddening. I have curly hair too, so I know the struggles. It sometimes seems like there is nothing I can do with it but throw it in a ponytail to keep it out of their face, which as you can see, is not always successful. Plus, they are in desperate need of their first haircut.

Sometimes having twins is just too fun when you get to do things like this.

There goes the Honey Badger again. I promise you she’s not always off by herself. She gets plenty of play time with her sisters. They don’t purposely exclude her yet, but they’re sometimes so wrapped up in what they’re doing that I have to remind them to to pay attention to her. Other times I have to remind them to leave her the heck alone.

Guess who didn’t get worn out enough at the park and only took an hour fifteen minute nap? Hint: It’s not Christian. He looks thrilled, by the way.

But seriously, how can you stay made at this face? With a mug like that, this girl can get away with anything.

We may or may not have bribed the girls with ice cream to get them to eat their dinner tonight. I’m going to chalk it up to the fact that today was a super fun day and we weren’t ready for it to end.

And save the rare drive thru Dr. Pepper, that ice cream is the only time you will ever see me at the golden arches.

The day’s finally coming to a close. Zoe was already in bed, and we read our very favorite story: Llama Llama Misses Mama, about a little llama who goes to school for the first time and gets sad because his mom is gone. We read this book every. single. night, and usually throw in Llama Llama Red Pajama as well. But tonight was just one since it was getting late and these girls were exhausted. And they thankfully did not call for us once after we put them in bed.

Special moments from today:

  • Rachel watching me sip my coffee and exclaim, “Mommy! I made it for you!” I just had to tell her how delicious it was.
  • Claire taking Rachel’s face in her hands and saying, “Look at me! Do you wanna go get some ice cream?”
  • Zoe zipping down that huge slide again and again and again.
  • R&C asking us to scratch their backs before we left them for the night.


  • We were out and about a lot, so many of the photos were taken with my not-an-iPhone. Even with Christian’s help, it’s just too cumbersome to carry around my DSLR with three little kids, unless someone wants to get whacked in the head with the lens.
  • My house doesn’t have a ton of natural light, and I’m still trying to figure out manual settings on the camera. So a lot of the photos are dark and crappy.
  • Sometimes this week I plan on working with the self timer so we can get some true “day in the life” shots and I’m not running around with the camera all the time.


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    1. it was actually an hour 15, but that’s way shorter than her normal 2.5-3 hours. And it showed later on. 🙂

  1. Oh my, oh my! I love your post and following you and fam through “a day in the life” was really fun. So fun, I’m going to play catchup and play along on this theme this week myself. (Thank you)!

    LOVE the curly hair, the twins’ wakeup pic and how your wee one seems SO independent. ALL little cuties. 😀


  2. The swing picture seriously had me laughing out loud. OMG that’s funny.

    I love the “special moments of the day” section you added. May need to do that myself!

    Their curly hair is gorgeous by the way! I’m also curly-headed and Little Roo has curls in the back of his hair. Hope it stays!

    1. Some things are just way funnier with 2, especially when they look exactly alike. 🙂 Thanks for putting together this fun link up!

  3. What a great day! You have 3 very adorable little girls. And the fearless Honey Badger?? Omg I almost died when I read that. Too awesome!

  4. This is such a special post.
    I love seeing the girls playing and having fun. They look like they had such a great time.
    I have a child who has parties late at night sometimes and she is so adorable that it’s hard to get mad. Your girls would be hard to get mad at too.

    Still loving that kitchen table.

    This was a great post my friend, warmed my heart. xo

    1. LOL at the table. I’ll get that post done for you soon. 🙂 To clarify, it’s just Zoe that’s hard to be mad at. I’m pretty good at being mad at the older 2. For a little while at least. 🙂

  5. I totally admire how active you are with three little ones. That’s really inspirational to me as I prepare for Baby #2! And my son is obsessed with helping his dad make coffee right now. I really need to try to capture that moment this week at some point, great idea!

    1. Oh, sometimes we are, sometimes we aren’t. But they’re at a stage right now where if we stay home, they get super bored and beg for TV all day, as much as we may try to entertain them.

  6. This is sweet! I have a 3.5 year old that is not in a crib, but you made me think twice about that. He calls for me EVERY NIGHT and somehow ends up in our bed before morning EVERY DAY. I know I need to do something differently here. I know. I know. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    1. They do usually call for us several times a night, and we need to nip that in the bud. It’s getting ridiculous. We’ll probably try to convert them this Christmas or something. Ack! I should start drinking now!

  7. I love, love, love this day and the way you made me feel like I was there with you. But why is everyone getting so big? Seems like they have grown up so much since I last saw the girls. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love this! You have given me hope that my twins will stay in their crib for a while. I’m with you – let them stay there as long as they’re happy!

    1. Keep ’em in there as long as you can….if they start to crawl out, get crib tents! We’ve luckily never had to do that, but I know many twin moms who have.

  9. I wish we had not given away our little guy’s crib when he turned three. He was totally happy in there and sleep like a dream. He has not had a restful night of sleep since then (June) and he begs for his crib back daily. 🙁 Poor guy.

    He also loves to swing on his belly. Looks like our kids have some fun similarities in personality!

    1. Oh no! Hopefully he’ll get used to it. Every time we go to IKEA Claire gets so excited about the big beds, so I hope it’ll be a smooth transition.

  10. My advice to you…don’t EVER give up those cribs! I think Asher slept in his past four. He never climbed out so we never bothered to upgrade. But once we did that was the end of nap/rest time for both of us. I’m not sure Amelia will be content with her crib for that long, but so far so good.

    1. I think that’s just what they think a bed is…except for ours. Just another thing that I am definitely avoiding doing. 🙂

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