Week in My Life: Tuesday

This week I’m participating in a Week in My Life with Melissa over at Adventuroo. Read more about the project here.

A word of caution: On days that we don’t leave the house, my kids don’t really wear pants. You’ve been warned.

Note added 11/11/11: I have since deleted several photos due to some keyword searches that made me a little uncomfortable. I always hope that people find my blog in good faith, but unfortunately not everyone has good intentions.

I thought today was going to be a pretty mundane day. We had no plans and on days that we don’t have MDO I rarely leave the house with all 3 kids unless its for a play date or it’s an extreme toilet paper emergency.

But as I documented today’s activities, I realized that even our “boring days at home” are JAM PACKED with activity. And trust me, none of this was for the benefit of having a good day to show off. We’ve had some really rough days around here behavior wise, but today was like a river of organized chaos that flowed pretty smoothly.

It didn’t start out all sunshine and roses for one little girl. I got the twins up and sent them in to snuggle with their dad, then went to fetch Zoe. This is the second day that she’s woken up wearing her pajama top toga style. And she wasn’t too thrilled that instead of picking her up for snuggles, I was turning on her light and snapping her picture.

But she was all better once she got some cereal in her mouth. And on the table. And in her lap.

Rachel, taking her turn in the baby’s high chair this morning, had a devastatingly miniscule cut on her finger, where she said “Tiger bite you.” Not sure if that’s the truth, but she got a Silvermist band aid nonetheless. And all was right with the world.

I am forever doing these kid’s laundry. If we’re not out of panties, we’re out of jammies, or shorts, or shirts. Or someone’s night time diaper leaked and they peed on their blankie. It never ends.

Meanwhile, Zoe makes out with the SamDog. She and Sammy are best buds, when she’s not trying to mow him over with a baby doll stroller. But she loves him to death and gives him some much needed attention. I think he’s pretty sweet on her too.

Time for blocks. I have a love/hate relationship with the blocks. They don’t sit and play with them for quite as long as I would like, and it usually turns into throwing the blocks, knocking over someone’s tower, and general all around mayhem.

Like yesterday, Rachel took to the kitchen island to play quietly with her favorite toy of the moment: a tape measure.

While Claire and Zoe played/built/threw blocks and Rachel devised a new floorplan for my kitchen, I finally got to sit down and enjoy my morning ritual of sipping my coffee and checking email, checkin in on my social media sites, and throwing a few tweets out. Sitting down at my computer with my coffee is something I HAVE to do, or else I am all out of sorts for the rest of the day.

Next, Rachel decided to sit down for some coloring. This is another activity that doesn’t last nearly as long as I would like. Don’t you remember sitting down and coloring for a long time? I know I do. When is that going to happen here? But she does like it.

Today she had me draw her a duck, which she promptly colored over with black crayon. Then both girls went back and forth asking for cats, dogs, and pumpkins, and every time I had to draw a happy, sad, and mad version of each one. We’re really into emotions over here.

Time for a Hello Kitty break. There’s been so much activity already, but it’s only like 10am.

The laptop’s hooked up to the TV so we can stream Netflix. We recently cancelled our cable because we never watched it and it was just money down the toilet.

Note Claire is still not wearing a shirt, and Rachel has her beloved tape measure wrapped around her leg.

Ah, potty trips. We spend a lot of time in here.

Next we headed into the kitchen for a baking activity I found in their Highlights magazine. They insist on sitting on the table when we’re making something.

Know this: If you’ve had baked goods from the Torres house, there’s a good chance it’s had little fingers in it. It all bakes out though, right? Right?Β 

Behold, our cinnamon critters! yeah, I know. They look like poop. And yeah, it’s like 10:45 and I still haven’t put a shirt on Claire.

Finished critters! They were pretty “meh,” but all 3 girls loved them. When Christian came home, it was the first thing Claire was dying to show him.

See? I told you we spend a lot of time in here. Today actually wasn’t that bad. But why we can’t go to the bathroom without our little containers of play doh, I have no idea. At least she let the tape measure go for the moment.

Zoe took the vacuum for a spin. This is probably her favorite toy for now. If only it really worked…

Assembly line! Sandwiches, pretzels, oranges, and of course some of our cinnamon critters. Some days I feel like I am running a school cafeteria, but I much prefer this to the days when Zoe had to eat baby food. It was a glorious day when she insisted on feeding herself, and it’s much easier to give them all the same thing. Not that it really matters, because she survives on milk.

The wrestling/fighting/tackling is a daily thing — several times a day in fact. It all starts out in fun {see the smiles?}, but it always, always ends badly. In fact, it may be turning bad right at this moment, but there I stand, just taking pictures. {Note: still holding the play doh containers.}

Mmmmmm….afternoon coffee. And 2 computers. I’m so important!

I’m currently editing my multiples club’s monthly newsletter, so I had the PC up for Publisher and the club’s gmail account, and my Mac up because, well, I feel like a part of me is missing when it’s not there. Unfortunately I got about 1 and a half pages done because R&C decided that napping was not cool today.

After too much playing and yelling, and me going in about 87 times, changing 1 poopy pull up, 1 pee pee pull up {she insisted}, then going in forΒ anotherΒ poopy pull up, I took their toys away and prayed that their screaming wouldn’t wake up the baby.

After a little bit of quiet time, Rachel finally started whining again, and I got them up to watch Tinkerbell and snack on some popcorn so I could squeeze in a little more newsletter editing. The Tinkerbell was a nice break from our current fave, Rio, which we watch just about every day.

Something about my kids getting up always makes me want to just go lay down and take a nap myself.

This photo is terrible quality because the lighting was really dark in her room, but I had to get a shot of little Zoe when she woke up. I promise she doesn’t always wake up sad.

While they were still preoccupied with Tinkerbell and popcorn, I decided to tackle the laundry some more. Maybe today I can start and put away a load in the same day? {Please…who am I kidding?}

Zoe’s not just in love with Sammy. She has a soft spot for all of the pets. if by soft spot you mean she likes to torment them. Tiger’s pretty patient with her, which surprises me. He’s always been pretty ornery, but I guess he’s chilling out in his old age. {See all my sorted laundry? Hard at work!}

I love Christian’s face in this dinner photo. It looks like, “Would you stop taking pictures of our every motherloving move already?” But it really means, “Dammit you caught me without a shirt again!” Seriously, the man never wears shirts in the house.

After dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood. I didn’t take the camera because these days walks are touch and go. Sometimes they go great, but most times Claire pulls some fake sadness out of nowhere and decided that she can’t walk. She has to lay down. {Insert big dramatic sigh here — hers and mine} But tonight went great. We caught some neighbors that were friendly with out in their driveway a few blocks over and Rachel chatted them up. Zoe walked the entire. way. A whole mile.

Last photo of the night: Mark the record books, I actually remembered to brush everyone’s teeth, even Zoe’s! A cause for celebration! And sticking your tongue out in the mirror, because why not?

Needless to say, after no naps and a mile walk, everyone was exhausted and went right to bed, except Zoe, who seemed to have some trouble getting comfortable.

So now I should be making the big girls’ lunches for MDO tomorrow, but I’m pooped and ready for bed. And? I just looked at the calendar to see that we are in charge of bringing snack tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be scrounging up some stale Cheez Its!

Til tomorrow!



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  1. Oh wow! You sure do have a lot going on. I have a difficult time maintaining one blog and one child – I couldn’t imagine having three daughters, a blog, PLUS a multiples newsletter to prepare! You really are a super woman! Your children are all so very beautiful, too. I love how Rachel is so attached to the tape measure. My daughter likes to tote around my pink one πŸ™‚

    1. Oh thank you! I’m not super woman, I just don’t get much sleep, and the laundry usually sits in the basket for a lot longer than it did today. πŸ™‚ Why do kids love the most random things?

  2. Wow, the routine sounds eerily familiar.

    Minus the poop cinnamon sticks and pull ups – were are just in between potty training.

    My daughter also was nap resistant today.

    I’m pretty sure my last load of laundry is still in the dryer….

  3. You had quite a busy day! I don’t bother with pants on my little guy when we don’t leave the house either. Saves time when trying to potty train and cuts down on laundry. Not that I really notice and I just have one child right now. Fun day, love the Cinnamon Critters (poop). Ha ha.

  4. Love your day, and love all the pictures. I guess I know what to get Christian for Christmas (a shirt tattoo- just kidding). There is a book that starts off (I don’t remember the title) but it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, so true, I had days like you and cherish every moment (though I’m sure I didn’t at the time). Let the good times roll.

  5. Okay, THAT was a busy stay at home day. My days really are dull. I need to move more. And I can only hope that at least YOU wear a shirt in the house πŸ˜‰

  6. So so so love these!
    The picture with Zoe kissing Sammy is my fav! That child is adorable!
    The girls on the table is really cute too.
    You are crazy busy over there, I’m tired!

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