Week in My Life: Wednesday

This week I’m participating in a Week in My Life with Melissa over at Adventuroo. Read more about the project here.

Today sucked. I wasn’t feeling well due to a headache and just plain going to bed too late and getting up too early. My lack of enthusiasm for being mom today really comes through in this post. But having crappy days where you just don’t want to deal with anything is a very real part of life.

6:00: Alarm goes off so I can go run and still have some time to make lunches and maybe have some quiet computer time before everyone else wakes up.

6:20: Reset alarm for 7. I can’t drag my butt out of bed, thanks to going to sleep way too late.

6:45: Snap awake to devastating cries of “Mommmmmmyyyyyyy!” Head into R&C’s room, where they are both awake and sad for some reason. They’re asking to “get down,” which means to get out of bed, but I know that if I take them to our bed, that’ll be the end of sleep for any of us, and it’s way too early. Luckily it’s still dark out, so I convince them it’s still night time. They ask for the light, and I realize we forgot to turn on their nightlight when they went to bed. It seems to help and they go back to sleep. After insisting that I put their huge bean bag chairs in their beds.

At this point, I figure that I’m up and may as well go run. Yay exercise.

7ish: Out the door. I love that it’s still kind of dark out.

7:30: back from running. Today was okay. It felt a little cumbersome. I’m really trying to get back into it, but it’s hard, especially now that the sun goes down earlier. I’m kind of paranoid about running after dark. So I do great for a few days, then I fall off the wagon and sleep in for a few days. I know, I suck.

8:00: I’ve showered, and the girls are starting their morning call for me. I get them up and into the kitchen for an exciting breakfast of waffles and milk. Claire dropped one of her waffles on the floor, which made her incredibly sad.

This is probably my favorite breakfast on days that the girls go to MDO. It keeps me energized and not hungry throughout the morning. LOVE them. Plus I can scarf it down pretty quickly while I’m hurriedly making the girls’ lunches since I was lazy and didn’t do it the night before.

Also note the random toys strewn about my island.

Look who’s here! Christian got her up and changed, and she’s ready to munch on some waffles too. She loves a little syrup with hers, which the girls never have. This one totally has a sweet tooth. And honestly? She’s so finicky, I’m just happy that she’s eating.

Coffee to go this morning since I’m headed to the store with Zoe after MDO drop off, probably to pick up some stuff I don’t need. Usually when I run in the mornings I’m up and energized, but this morning I’m dragging. I feel a headache coming on, and I know it’s because I’ve been staying up too late and got up early this morning.

I manage to get lunches made, the girls dressed, and their hair braided while they watch some Netflix. Unfortunately letting them watch a show is the only way I can get things together to get out the door.

9:30ish: We pull into the church for MDO. At this point I’m just in survival mode since my head is hurting and I just want to take a nap, so taking pictures was at the bottom of my priority list. Plus they will never stand in one place together. But I did get one of Claire playing with the gas tank. Safety first, people!

For the whole ride Rachel asked if she could come with me instead of going to school. Sorry, kid! Once they got to their class, they were unusually apprehensive, but they got over it and were happy to see their teacher and start playing. It’s always a bit of a struggle to get them to hang up their bags and get their water bottles put away, then tear Zoe away from whatever to she’s discovered while I’m preoccupied with them. But we got bags hung, gave kisses, and headed out.

Then it was just Zoe and me for a trip to the store. I absolutely love running errands with her. It’s invaluable alone time with her, and I never really got to do that until the twins started school — both the alone time and the errands. When they were about her age I would take them grocery shopping, but it was hectic and stressful, and my back hurt so bad during my pregnancy with Zoe that I had to stop altogether. Since then most of my errand running has been at night, and that’s just exhausting.

But with Zoe, running errands, long or short, is a snap. There are no quick errands with 3 young kids, or even when I just had 2 young kids. Plus she’s a pretty cool chick, so I like to hang with her. She waved to absolutely every person she saw in the store. And we didn’t get in trouble with the staff for taking pictures like we did last time.

My headache was worsening by the minute. I wanted to go home although I knew I’d be no fun for her there. But we loaded up our groceries, of course getting way more than I intended. Damn you impulse shopping!

And I forgot paper towels, one of the things I needed most.

Back at home, I unload the groceries and check a little email. While I’m responding to something pretty important, I hear some weird noises coming from the kitchen, and find Zoe sitting on the floor next to Sammy’s bowls, picking up fistfuls of his food and tossing it. He’s hurrying to eat the rest of it before she can get to it, but most of if ends up in his water dish. Poor dog.

My haul from the store. Included in the “things I didn’t plan on buying” are 2 Christmas presents–the Lion King on DVD, because they had a coupon that was expiring soon, and a Disney princess bingo game that was mega cheap. I used to be so turned off by licensed merchandise, but lately I find that I get excited to see my girls get excited about characters they recognize from stories we read or movies we’ve seen. I’m such a mom.

Something o’clock: Still feeling crappy. I really should clean or do something productive while the girls are at school, but this headache is killing me. I’m useless to Zoe, and she just wants to crawl in my lap and bang on my computer keys.

We head into the kitchen for some lunch. Cottage cheese, grapes, and crackers. She eats about half the cottage cheese, ย throws the majority of the grapes on the floor, and takes one tiny bite out of each cracker, then throws IT on the floor. I am thrilled. So is the dog, which I guess is fine since most of his food got tossed around too.

In addition to the crummy day I’m having, I throw her grapes in the trash can, then realize I forgot to replace the bag, and had to dig them out — ew. Then as I went to throw away an empty back of lunchmeat, I tossed the bag of cheese in the trash too. By this time I’m really frustrated and my exhaustion is taking its toll on me.

12:39: less than an hour to go get the girls. Too much time to do absolutely nothing, too little time to start something productive. Think I’ll change a stinky diaper. I muster up some energy to have a little fun. Zoe is the BEST kid to tickle. Her laugh is totally infectious. And those pudgy hands!

I haven’t touched these though:

1:30ish: Head to pick up R&C from school. My head is pounding, and I’m anxious to get them home and down for naps.

Despite the headache, I love picking them up from school. When they see me they screech, “MOMMY! YOU BACK!” and “MOMMY! I MADE THIS FOR YOU!” and “MOMMY! I PLAY WITH CARS!” ย Yes, in all caps. I asked their teacher if they do that all day (because they often do at home too), and she laughed and said yes. Not sure what to think about that or if we need to do more practice on “inside voices.” My kids are loud, y’all.

2:00: Everyone’s in bed and I’m ready to crash. Zoe’s having a little bit of trouble, so I have to go in to console her and fix her blankets a few times. She has the weirdest routine. She needs one blanket , sometimes two, rolled up and placed next to her so she can hold it, and a fitted sheet placed over her. If she doesn’t like it, she’ll hold it back up to you with a “Noooo!” Sometimes it’s a lengthy game trying to figure out what combination of blankets and sheet she wants. Weirdo.

2:25: Everyone’s finally quiet. I take some pain meds and settle down with my book to read myself sleepy.

I fall asleep and have the weirdest dream about trying to report a kidnapping, but the guy was onto me. I could not for the life of me get through to 911, and when I finally did, the kidnapper was about to catch up to me. Right as the 911 operator was about to assuage my fears, there was some weird clicking sound, and I woke up to my cat yacking on the carpet. Awesome.

4:07: really need to get kids up. I hate having to wake them, but if I don’t get them up now they will NEVER go to sleep tonight.

Turns out Rachel was already awake. I spent some extra time snuggling with her before waking Claire up, then snuggled with her as well. They are always so tired on days they go to school. We usually spend the rest of the afternoon vegging out and watching TV.

5:30 Headache creeping back. I’m trying to get some computer stuff done while the kids watch Hello Kitty, but one by one they keep making their way over to me to sit in my lap. Zoe is especially cranky. But we had some fun with Photo Booth, which Claire especially loves.

Cranky Zoe made me carry her around for the rest of the afternoon, until Christian came home and gave me a little relief. After that it was dinner and a lot of rowdy play time, baths, and bed. Our bath/bedtime routine is so hectic with the three kids that I don’t think I will ever get it photo documented.

So tonight I’m planning on going to bed a little earlier, but as it is it’s 11pm and I’m still working on this post. Tomorrow I hope to have a better day and maybe play outside a bit if it’s dried up from the rain we had last weekend.

Special moments from today:

  • Rachel talking to herself at dinner: “Milk…come on milk! Let’s go find some cheese!” All while looking up at the overhead light. That kid is off in her own world.
  • Zoe waving at every person she saw in the store. So friendly.
  • Claire pretending a balloon was an instrument, and when it floated to the ceiling, “My instrument! I misssss iiiiiiiit!” Oh, the drama.
  • Claire telling me about her hexagon she made at school for traffic safety. It was an octagon, but still. Impressive that she remembered. Or maybe her teacher had it wrong, which is NOT so impressive.
Tomorrow I hope to get a little more about our night time routine, both for the kids and for us. I’m usually posting this at night, so that will take a little maneuvering.

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  1. Is it a twin thing, talking in caps? Mine do it too. They also exclaim “MOMMY YOU BACK” whenever I come home. You could insert my kids in to many parts of your day, Wed hardly know the difference. Picky eater, check. Food dropper and tosser, check. Knowing no strangers at HEB, check. Sleepy snugglers watching Netflix on couch, check. Conversations with food items and objects at mealtimes, check. Mommy hitting snooze and not wanting to get out of bed, Check check.

  2. you have a seriously busy life!
    I adore the pictures of Zoe with the dog! I catch S all the time playing with the cat food and when I ask her what she’s doing she says “no, no, no.”
    I’m glad that you have good sleepers because if you didn’t I don’t think you would be sane.
    can’t wait for tomorrow!

    1. Yeah, I do NOT look forward to the day when they drop their nap, although it wouldn’t bother me if they went to bed earlier…

  3. I hope your headache is gone today! Those are awful. And Zoe wanting to sleep under the fitted sheet?? That is too funny. I love Rachel corralling the milk to go find some cheese at dinner, too. Your girls are so cute.

    1. Thanks! It is better, thank goodness, because i could NOT have survived today with a headache. And yes, Zoe is a total nut. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love that even the most crazy days can be make right with snuggles on the couch. I love sharing your day, even though I’m exhausted just reading it. As Rhett Butler said, “Tomorrow’s another day, Scarlet.” And go away headache. Love you.

  5. Again, I’m blown away by your day. I mean, you RAN? You were showered and dressed by 8am?? Oh and side note – dogs shouldn’t eat grapes. Kind of toxic for them

    1. Showered only because I ran, and dressed only because we had to go to MDO! I figure I can’t really complain about being out of shape if I’m not going to try to do anything about it. And my husband is training for the Tough Mudder, so he’s getting all fit while I’m sitting here eating ice cream.

      And now that you mention it, I did read something about dogs and grapes. Something about the skins I think? He actually doesn’t eat the fruits and veggies off the floor, I should have mentioned, just the crackers.

  6. I can’t believe how much you got done with that headache. You’re superwoman. I like the picture of your grocery story haul. Very creative!

    1. Thanks! I’m not superwoman — just another day! Honestly days when they go to MDO are kind of relaxing because it’s just me and the little one for a few hours!

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