Week in My Life: Thursday

This week I’m participating in a Week in My life with Melissa over at Adventuroo. Read more about the project here.


Oh, Thursday. One day closer to Friday. Today we had plans to meet up with a twin friend at a local park. She was going earlier than we normally do, to a park that I don’t usually go to on my own. It’s a great park, but it’s huge. I was hoping that the shiny new playscape would keep them from running off too much.

I know. I’m so naive. Here’s a play by play of how it all went down.


Arrive at 9:20ish and locate friends.

Halfway into my 1st sentence to friend, I get interrupted with “Mommy I need to go potty!” from Rachel, then discover Claire lingering by the men’s room saying it’s “scary.” Kids, this is why we go before we leave the house.

Friend watches Z while I take girls to pee.

Return to playground, start catching up with friend, and quickly realize I am missing one Claire. We scour the playground for her and I really start to get worried. This park is huge, but how could she have gotten so far so fast?

I finally catch up to her at a nearby pavilion, where she informs me, “I run away!” Yes, thank you for the heart attack.

All 3 take turns going down the slide. Just like Monday, Zoe has no limitations and zips down with her sisters. I’m telling you. Honey Badger has no fear.

Rachel cries poop. We go to the bathroom. No poop. THIS is why going to the park alone with 3 kids is difficult. Any other time I’d have to drag all 3 of them into the bathroom for every false potty cry.

Swings. Slides. Snacks. Claire is “so hungry.” Rachel’s already had a cheese stick, but is begging for more. True to her honey badger nature, Zoe is chasing birds and squirrels.

Friend has to leave, and I debate leaving myself, since being there on my own is hard. But I decide to see how it goes. We play a little more on the big playscape, then go on an “adventure” through the park’s trails.

Rachel cries poop again, along with a little grunting. Trying to hide the panic in my voice, I urge her to stop pushing and wait. After herding everyone together, of course, “It’s gone.” I’m not buying it, but seriously, there’s no way to make her go.

We make the rounds of the park and head back to the playground. I see the look on Rachel’s face and the funny way she’s standing. I know the poop has made its appearance. And the lump in the pants proves it.


Wrangle all 3 into the bathroom. Try to change Rachel’s underwear while 1) not getting poop on my hands, 2) keeping Claire and Zoe from touching the nasty public toilet, and 3) keeping the swearing to a minimum.

We’re done. I want to go home. But like a true martyr, I give them a few more minutes to play.

Dance party at the pavilion turns to wrestling. This always ends bad. Sure enough, Rachel runs away screaming, with Claire chasing after her, also screaming. Not fun screams. Like “I’m going to kill you, Sissy!” screams. I pick up the baby, also screaming, and jog after them. People are staring.

They catch up on one of the playscapes and start laying into each other. Still holding a squirming, screaming toddler, I drag a screaming Rachel to the car. All of the moms are staring at me. It’s okay ladies! I don’t need help! I got this! I toss Zoe into her car seat and shut the door without even buckling her in. Rachel has run back to the playground.

I consider selling tickets to all of the playground moms who are obviously engrossed in this thrilling show. But seriously, where could I get tickets printed at such short notice? Idea dismissed.

Pick up R, who is out of control at this point, and try to remain calm while she tries her best to fend me off. Drag her and C both to the car. Thank God C is being cooperative. I get Rachel in the car and give Claire huge hugs and positive reinforcement for cooperating like a big girl. She is now my favorite child.

Buckle up, everyone. We’re all in the car and I breathe a sigh of relief in between Rachel’s cries of “Wanna…go…BAAAAACK!”

Naturally, I tweet.

stay at home moms playground moms

Pull into the driveway, despite Rachel’s screams. It’s only like 11:30, people.

After that debacle, they watch a little TV while I make lunch.

Then a little more TV before nap time.

I move my computer to the kitchen for a change of pace, since my messy dining room table is kind of non conducive to getting anything done. I could clean it off but…yeah.

If anything, I really wish I had a good, organized work space in this house. We don’t have an office, and all of our bedrooms are being used by pesky kids. The dining room table is my desk for now, and it’s fine, but it’s also a catchall for everything: mail, toys, crap…you name it. Plus, I’m an organizational failure. But a girl can dream, right?

It’s now 2:53. Both big girls took forever to go to sleep, but are finally quiet. I smell poop wafting from their room, and I don’t care. I’ve been into Zoe’s room 87 times, and she’s still awake. It’s rare, but I think she’s skipping the nap today. Honey badger, I tell ya.

3:25: Zoe’s been up with me, and I kind of wish the big girls would get up. Even though it’s a pain when they don’t nap, at least then they could ALL go to bed early. Now either Zoe will go down early while they stay up, or she’ll just stick it out and stay up until they go to bed. Hard to say, but she really is a trooper.

The non-napper

Zoe ends up going into the girls’ room and waking them up at about I-don’t-know o’clock, when I’m not looking. They snack on some pretzels and lollipops that Grandma sent, ’cause we’re healthy like that, and I make desperate attempts to get their minds off of asking for TV. Or as Rachel put it, “I need to watch TEE VEEEEEE!” Um, honey, no.

This is my living room at 5:00. The racetrack was an attempt to emulate something they did at school, but it took me longer to put it down than it did entertain them.

Now don’t you feel better about your mess?

How ’bout now?

 Christian comes home while they’re watching Beauty and the Beast {yes, I gave in} and helps me with dinner. Tonight’s feast is his favorite, chicken noodle soup using the leftovers from last night’s rotisserie chicken. Mmmmm.

I love how you can see the steam rising in this photo. So tasty.

Then a lot  happened, kids got bathed and stuff, went to bed, and here I am at the end of a long day, quite possibly having gone crazy.

And I totally earned this. Even if I end up having to run it off in the morning. And the cat’s hovering around me, trying to steal it. Bad kitty!

Plan for the rest of the night: Actually post this before 11pm and OMG free time to catch up on life. I’m horribly behind on my reader and visiting the other Week in My Life linkups. And the laundry. And the sleeping. Doing this project has been very tough, but like Melissa said, it’ll be worth it in the end when I have an entire week of our life to look back on.

Park poops and all.

 Special moments from today:

  • NOT actually losing one of my kids at the park.
  • Claire asking Zoe if she’s okay when she tripped. Then telling her she’s so sweet when she shared her lollipop with her.
  • Rachel coming to snuggle in my lap while I read a story.
  • Claire engrossing herself in pretend play with a piece of rubber tubing from a water toy and a bubble blower. Who needs real toys?

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  1. I share your pain. We have a two bedroom house – one for us, one for baby. And the office is now the play room. I sit at my dining room table to work all day and recently purchased one of those old lady donut pillows in an effort to reduce my chiropractor bills. Aaaaand, I too am an organizational disaster. All the shelving units and canvas bins in the world cannot fix my disaster. You’re not alone sister… you are not alone!

    1. Ha! Luckily I could laugh about it shortly thereafter. I would have been more embarrassed if I had lost it with the kids, but I managed to remain calm and stand firm. 🙂

  2. Sometimes my boy is a non-napper too. Crazy. I love the pics of you at the end. You totally deserved that yummy dessert!

  3. Oh.my.god, you kill me! I’m seriously laughing out loud reading this. Poop bulge in pants, Honey Badger’s antics, poop wafting? I die. I give you C-R-E-D-I-T for sticking it out at the park with all 3 by yourself, too! Holy crap did that sound like an ordeal. And I’m SO glad you were able to track down the elusive Claire swiftly. Thinking about that public disappearing act I know we’ll eventually endure always scares the shit out of me. I have enough trouble keeping track of our 1 14-month-old, and that’s with my husband! I can’t wait to see what your guys’ weekends are like. 🙂

    1. It freaks me out too. At first it’s like, “okay…where did she go…” but then you start to think “OMG could this be IT? Could this be THE time that something horrible happens?” So scary.

  4. I ended my day with one spoonful snuck from the ice cream container. Okay. Maybe 2.

    I wrote a whole post about mothers being kind to one another. Why don’t more women reach out to help each other? Especially at the park! I’ve tried to reach out more in those situations. I would have totally helped you.

    1. I usually try to reach out too. Honestly, I probably would have said no thanks, I got it, but an offer would have been better than the stares — and the conversations I’m sure that ensued after I left.

  5. I was screaming for someone to freakin help you at the park!
    I hate lugging one kid to the bathroom and here you are dragging three, every 3 minutes!
    You are wonder woman

    1. OMG the antics of trying to keep the other 2 away from the potty while I was dressing Rachel — insane. So gross. But thank you, my friend.

  6. Posts like this are reasons I also avoid going to the park alone… or walk and toss some beer or liquor into my water-bottle. What a day indeed. Glad you survived!

    1. I can ONLY go with another mom, and usually only with another twin mom, cause we all know how to keep an eye out for each other’s kids. but it’s still way stressful.

  7. Wow, after a day like you should get a badge, “I don’t need no stupid Tough Mudder, I survived the park with kids.” Keep up the good work.

    1. I know! I think I would have panicked big time though. We all thought getting through the infant time with twins was the hard part. No sirree!

    1. It is exhausting. Especially when 3 kids run in 8 different directions. Unfortunately it took me longer to put the race track down than they spent playing with it. Fail.

  8. I love it…someone with crazy, exhausting days too. Kudos to you for taking all three kids to the park solo. I’ve not dared to do that yet. My dining room table is also our office right now.

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