Week in My Life: Friday

Weeeeee! It’s Friday! Every Friday, whether I like it or not, I find myself singing that damn Friday Song by Rebecca Black. Ugh.

I feel like today’s rundown kind of sucks. I wish I was getting more about random things about our life, but today I wasn’t really in the mind frame to document much. So it’s a lot more words than usual.

But today was an amazingly beautiful day in which we had nothing planned.

I got up to run at 6am.

Wait, no I didn’t. I slept in until 8. I am totally sucking this week at my running.

After breakfast the kiddos watched a little of their current favorite show, Wonder Pets, on Netflix while I straightened up the kitchen and living room. I know. How SAHM-ish of me.

One of the things that drives me absolutely crazy is the little things that clutter my house. The little things that belong to the little people. They end up everywhere. I’m lucky in that my husband cleans up the living room, and as much as I love him for it, his rule is that if it’s off the floor, the room is clean. So we end up with little “things” set on the dining room table or perched on a bookshelf.

Oh, but the floor space that doesn’t count is the space under the couches and bookcases and media center. So that was what I did today. I swept my arm under all of those things, prayed that no creepy crawlies would grab my fingers, and dug out all the crap that hides under the furniture. Did I mention that the girls LOVE to throw some of these “things” behind the TV? Yeah. So not only is it just plain messy, but they end up losing 97% of their little toys or smaller parts of bigger toys.

So then I’m left with this bin o’ random crap.

There’s a couple of nesting blocks, puzzle pieces, a cow on wheels, you know. The usual.

After a while I couldn’t bear for them to watch any more TV because it was just too stinking pretty outside.

They didn’t care. I know we don’t have a play scape or anything really fun, but seriously! Play! Am I asking too much? Rachel whined and moaned about wanting to go back inside (she’s my little couch potato, which I am really trying to discourage).

Christian had taken one of the swings down, so I tried to convince her that it was broken. I hate pushing them in the swings. They don’t swing straight, and I have to spend the whole time keeping them from swinging into each other or into the tree. Oh, and then there’s the “3 kids and only 2 swings” thing. I ALWAYS let Zoe occupy one swing to keep her from walking into them and getting smacked in the head (good mothering, yes?), so the big girls have to take turns with a timer, which is oh my GOD the end of the world. They eventually relent, but it’s always tough in the beginning, and I prefer avoidance tactics.

At some point they magically found a way to entertain themselves with sticks and an acorn.

The problem with these two is that they are always together. Best friends and worst enemies. They will play, play, play, hen they will fight, fight, fight, then play, then fight, then play, then fight. I break up a skirmish, only to have them go right back to playing alongside each other like magnets. I can’t for the life of me get them to give each other some space.

Then it was time for a little jumping, sliding, and playing with random things.

Next it was inside for a lunch break, then back out for a little more playtime before naps. I bravely took my laptop outside while they were mysteriously engrossed in something. Then this happened…

Why yes that is a bucket of dirt that still had water in it from last weekend’s rain. Did I know they were doing this and secretly ignore it for a few minutes until I couldn’t stand it anymore because seriously, they were quiet and having fun? Yes. Yes, I did.

Two quick hose downs later and we were back inside to try and settle down. The mud play had them all riled up and they took forever to go to sleep, which meant I had to wake them up a little after 4. Which meant that Claire was very, very sad. Don’t get in between this girl and her sleep.

We settled in to watch Beauty and the Beast (again…I know), and then…Christian came home early! He walked in a little after 5 and cheered Miss Cranky Pants right up.

After a very boring dinner of fully microwavable foods, we headed to the park to play until the sun went down. With the extra pair of hands, this trip went much better than yesterday’s.

We still had some time after it got dark, so we headed to Costco. basically, we wanted to wear these kids the heck out. We didn’t end up getting them to bed until about 9, and Zoe probably didn’t settle down until after 10. That girl drives me crazy with her bed time antics. Once she goes to sleep she’s fine, but getting there is the hard part for her.

Then? I ended my night cleaning out my dryer. Because apparently after you hose down little tennis shoes and throw them in there to dry, they’ll still leave dirt streaks all over the inside because you suck at cleaning them off.

Plan for tonight: shower, read, and be incredibly boring. It’s too late to watch last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. Booo!

Tomorrow’s my birthday, so we should have some fun stuff to record. Maybe I’ll stay up way too late tonight anyway because Christian’s going to let me sleep in and OMG it’s going to be awesome. Then I have to rush to an appointment at 10…for a pedicure. The man spoils me, I tell ya.

Til tomorrow!

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    1. I think so too! We got it last year as a supposed Christmas present, and I was dying to give it to them earlier because I wanted to watch it so bad. It was one of my favorites when I was younger. My husband was the one who actually caved and showed it to them one day when I was out!

  1. Happy Birthday! Love reading these day in the life posts although yours makes me tired because it is so much like mine. We always have a basket of random crap too. Why is that?

    1. So glad my kids aren’t the only ones with all the random crap! I envision everyone else’s toys being all put together and harmonious. My kids play with a tape measure and and empty bottle.

  2. Love that photo collage.
    I also love that you let the girls play in the mud, that kind of stuff is so fun for kids and it doesn’t hurt them (just your dryer).
    Happy birthday!!!!

    1. Ha! I always have to remind myself that it’s not hurting anything, so why not? They had a blast. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday and Happy Feet! Look forward to a cute picture of your toes. I haven’t posted a single entry to this week in MY life. Im too busy reading yours. I have my notes though, so maybe next week when you are recovering, you’ll have something to read. Maybe. I will try. Does anyone have a handle on clutter?? It drives me crazy and I can’t just blame it on the boys ( husband included because he IS my other child). I have my own clutter demon I battle with.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. I battle with the clutter too. I set things “aside” only to go back weeks later to clean out my pile and see things that I forgot I needed to deal with. Oh, to be organized.

  4. Just want you to know I’ve read your entire week’s activities and I’m exhausted already! 🙂 I think when you look back on this week, you’ll be amazed at how awesome you are.

    Love all the pictures!!

    1. Oh thanks, Alison. That’s so sweet. It is rather exhausting going back and looking at it. It’s so much our normal that we often don’t realize it!

  5. I’ve done the same thing with throwing wet, muddy stuff inthe dryer, then having to clean the whole thing out. Ugh.

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you got to sleep WAY in and enjoyed an amazing pedicure!

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