Week in My Life: Saturday

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Oh my GOD it’s finally the weekend! Is it me, or was this week long?

But today was….my birthday! I’m 27!

I’m lying. I’m 33. I know. Crypt keeper.

This morning I got to sleep in….until 8:30. Hubs lovingly awoke me to tell me that my breakfast was hot and ready, and I needed to get ready for my pedicure appointment that he had made for me at 10. Score!

While I lolled around in bed for a few minutes, Rachel found her way into the bedroom and greeted me with a huge hug and a “Happy birthday, Mommy!” All day I’ve been thinking back to last year when they would say “Happy birthday cake, Mommy!” I kinda missed it.

But first, breakfast. Yummy breakfast tacos. My favorite.

Claire’s favorite too.

After we ate, Christian decided to bust out a surprise…

Everyone should have cupcakes for breakfast once in their life, right? Rachel immediately said she wanted chocolate. She only ate the icing though, then asked for more.

Zoe is a NUT for sweets. Cake, cupcakes, ice cream, waffles with syrup, you name it. She’s such a picky eater, that this is probably pretty much what she had for breakfast.

Then I was off to my pedicure. Look at me! I’m alone in the car! This is my Freedom Face. Also a reminder to get rid of those chins.

Funny thing is the pedicure was actually my Mother’s Day present. I can count on 2 fingers the number of times I’ve gotten a pedicure. Love ’em, but just not something I get around to doing.

And for my embarrassment, I was on my way home when I realized…I think I was supposed to tip the pedicure lady. Like I said, this is something I never do, so it just didn’t occur to me. Plus I paid with a gift card, and I never carry cash. I’m feigning ignorance! But now what do I do? I’m living with guilt, people! Do I never go back again (I still have money left on my gift card!)? Do I go back and tip twice as much? Do I mail her some money and lottery tickets???

Yes, I wear those Nike flip flops just about everywhere. They are the. best.

Nothing much happened in between me getting home and the kids going down for naps. We promised them something fun if they slept, so then we just had to figure out what that was going to be.

Zoe woke up a bit early, so she got some hang time with Daddy.

We decided on heading to Zilker Park, close to downtown. It’s a HUGE park with an awesome playground and it’s near Lady Bird Lake. We don’t go there too often because it IS so big and kind of hard to keep track of all three kids.

R&C got a taste of what their driving years will be like — always sharing a car.
Zoe made that playscape her you know what.

In true R&C fashion, they wanted to ditch the playscape to walk around. We headed towards the hike and bike trail to show them the water, which then turned into a desperate search for some bathrooms. Which were quite stinky by the way, and not a good prelude to dinner.

For dinner we decided on Central Market. they have a delicious cafe, lots of outdoor seating, and another huge playscape for the kiddos. We actually kicked ourselves for not having thought of it in the first place so that we wouldn’t have had to go two places, but that’s how we roll — we do one thing and then think, “Damn, we should have done THAT!” But luckily it wasn’t that big of a deal and the kids got to play while we waited for our food.

I ordered a mozzarella, tomato, and basil sandwich, which was YUM-MY. And even yummier were the sweet potato fries. And don’t forget the Shiner in the background. Excellent meal.

There was a live band playing on the patio, so the girls went down and boogied with the other kids. If by boogie you mean stood on their heads and mooned the crowd. And then started their usual dancing-turned wrestling gig.

It quickly got too dark to really see too well, so we checked out and headed home for a late bedtime. Other nights like this we might skip bath time, but we were lazy and skipped it Friday night. And baths might be a good idea when you’ve played at the park and made multiple public potty trips.

After baths, Rachel was all giddy about my camera. She kept insisting that I take a picture and then zoomed over to see it on the screen. So then we started holding the camera out and taking them together. Each time we did this she would squeal her high pitched squeal of delight. It was super cute, but it’s a wonder I still have windows in my house.
Brushing teeth — thank you, Claire for reminding me to do this. I am notorious for forgetting to brush their teeth because the rest of the routine is just so labor intensive. I admit to remembering it just as we are putting them to bed and saying “Screw it.” That’s why God invented baby teeth, right? Sorry, kids.

I love this picture because it is so Claire. I brushed her teeth, then gave her the brush to do it herself. As soon as I started taking pictures, she started hamming it up for me. That girl’s a nut.

Story time. Llama Llama Misses Mama again. We love this book though. Story time is never this serene looking. Zoe’s usually running around the room, trying to get out the door, or just causing general mayhem. She has never gotten into reading like her sisters, mainly because when she came along we didn’t do it as often.

But when she goes to bed at night, she likes to sit in the rocker, and I have to put the blanket over her lap and give her her favorite book, The Big Red Barn. But she won’t let me read it to her…she flips through it and tells me what’s going on in her Zoe language. Sometimes she even takes it to bed with her, only to hand it back to me as I’m trying to decode her blanket puzzle for the night.

So. That was my birthday. Aside from the cupcakes and the pedicure (and the slice of red velvet I had too), it was really just your average Saturday at the Torres house. We get nothing done on the weekends as far as home projects go, because we’re always trying to keep these kids entertained. And then I get nothing done during the week because I’m on my own. It’s a vicious cycle.

But who cares? I had a great day.

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  1. I love this day!!
    The picture of C and Z after her bath is perfect!! My fav!
    I’m also a huge fan of the girls in the bathroom being sillies.
    What? Why do I like the bathroom pics so much.

  2. Sounds like it was a great birthday! Love the french pedi, btw. Your Central Market meal looks tas-tee, too. As always, love seeing the antics of those 3 cuties of yours!

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