Week in My Life: Sunday

This week I’m participating in a Week in My Life with Melissa over at Adventuroo. Read more about the project here.


I’ll be honest — I was uninspired for today’s Week in My Life post. Hubs let me sleep in this morning since I had to get up yesterday for my birthday pedicure. And we just kinda lazed around all morning and grabbing the camera was far from my mind. Melissa gave me some inspiration though, so I’m powering through. It would probably kill me if I cut the project a day short.


Around 11, Christian grabbed the kids at the last minute and said, “I’m taking them to the park! You have one hour of bliss.”

Seriously, how awesome is this guy?

I was worried though. I mean, remember Thursday, when I took them to the park by myself? But he was insistent that he could handle it.

In all fairness, he took them to another nearby park that is much, much smaller and easier to manage with it’s playscapes being close together and much less flight risk.

He said they were perfect angels the whole time, and he even got them to come home willingly by telling them that I was in trouble and they needed to save me. And I had lunch. We are knee deep in Wonder Pets these days, so “this was sewious.” But look what else he got them to do:

How perfect is that shot?

And in my hour of bliss? I cleaned. Everyone (on twitter) told me to relax and DO NOTHING, but when I sat to do nothing, all I could see were the haphazard blankets and strewn about randomness. So I decided that I would straighten up during the one time when a) I wasn’t exhausted like I am at the end of the day, and b) there weren’t 3 little people going behind me undoing my work.

We’ve been needing to rake up some leaves and clean up our yard, so after naps I grabbed Claire to go on a hunt for some trash bags that look like pumpkins. Of course, Rachel then insisted that she had to go too, and I couldn’t resist. Leaving her behind would break her little heart. So off to Walgreens we went.

The bags were smaller than I expected, and much flimsier. We have 3 more, and I don’t think they will hold 10% of the leaves in our yard, and the leaves haven’t even really started falling yet. So many of these leaves are from the lack of water this summer. But the girls thought they were pretty cool.

The poor front yard is looking dismal these days. We had temps over 100 degrees pretty much every day all freaking summer with NO RAIN — none — until last weekend. The city put out very strict watering restrictions, so Christian opted not to water at all, since it was likely going to die anyway. I voted that we should have watered at least once a week or every other week so keep some grass alive, to which he responded, “Well then get out there and water it.” Charming. As you can see, I didn’t but mainly because I only ever thought about it at like 4 in the afternoon, and really, there’s no point. It would have evaporated before it hit the ground in that heat.

So we were left with this. Even the Asian jasmine ground cover that’s around the bushes has turned a little brown, and I hope it doesn’t die too. It’s a pain in the ass to maintain, and we’re not that fond of it, but until we rip it up, it’d look much better alive than dead. Most of the green you see in the yard is weeds, but there are some blades of grass that are poking through thanks to the little rain we did get. Amazing what a little water can do, right {I’m looking at you, Christian!}?

Oh, little blades of grass, you give me hope! Hope for green in the coming spring! We also got some little ghosts on stakes, but as you can see above, as soon as I put them together, R&C took them away for play time, and I haven’t seen them since. They will likely not make it to the yard for decoration.

We didn’t exactly get around to the backyard today. I told you, we get nothing done on the weekends. But here is the state of the yard, and let me explain it to you. I promise we’re not white trash with all kinds of crap in our yard. It all has a purpose.

Like the sandbox, lower left corner, next to the patio. We built that for the girls for their 2nd birthday and they love it. Unfortunately they can’t play in it right now because, well, we have 2 cats, and we didn’t keep it covered well enough. Yeah.

There’s a pallet over there against the wall. I’m sure it’s trash, but I keep it because I really want to make some cool wall art that I saw on Pinterest. Check in with me next year to see if I have a cool new painting on my wall or if that pallet’s still there.

Also check out the door next to the pallet. it goes on the shed, which is just around that corner. It fell off and hasn’t gotten replaced. I live with a very handy guy…if you need your computer fixed. Doors hung, not so much. He could, but he just doesn’t. In the top right corner we have a sweet circular patio that we built ourselves. I love it. I hate that we haven’t gotten any cool patio furniture for it yet.

What’s that rope strung between the trees, you ask? Well that’s what I’d like to know too. Christian put it up to do some kind of training for the Tough Mudder race he’s doing next week. I have yet to see him on it.

Throw in an upside down water table, and a smattering of brightly covered plastic toys, and you have any kid’s wonderland!

Seriously our yard is not always this messy. But sometimes? It just is. It works just like the inside: I pick things up, the find their way right back out in the middle of the yard.

So…Big sigh of relief that a Week in My Life is over and I made it through each and every day! It was an exhausting but fun project, and I have some big thoughts on this past week and how it has opened my eyes. I look forward to sharing them with you. After I catch up on some sleep.

Til next time!

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  1. I absolutely love the shot of the 3 girls walking along holding hands. That is priceless!

    I also have really enjoyed reading about your week day by day. Even though I know it is a lot of work and hard to document everything sometimes, I wish you were able to do this every day!

    It looks like you had the busy week of a stay at home mom, with its ups and downs, and even had a couple of perks like sleeping in, getting a pedicure and your hour of bliss on Sunday. I enjoyed reading it each and every day!! 🙂

  2. That IS a great shot! I love it when my kids hold hands! We’re just the same about doing nothing. I’m one to catch up on stuff than just to sit and relax. Maybe if I left the house but laundry speaks to me. LOL

    1. It does speak, and it says, “I’ve been sitting here for 3 days and you’re just going to sit there and tweet???” Yeah. My laundry is a jerk. 🙂

  3. The holding hands shot is precious! Why is it that moms have such a hard time just relaxing? Probably because there is always so much to be done! And don’t worry about the yard. We are in a horrible drought so our yard is the same;-)

    1. It’s sprouting back little by little thanks to the cooler weather! And I think we are just not programmed to relax.

  4. Why do kids behave better for daddys?? Not fair. Grass is always greener I suppose. That picture of the 3 of them holding hands makes my ovaries ache.

    1. LOL at the ovaries! I can tell you that he’s had his fair share of nightmares with them. But generally, I think it’s because they don’t see him all the time. Mom’s old hat around here — we don’t need to listen to her!

  5. Raking leaves is a favorite of mine. When we lived in Atlanta, we had a huge Hickory tree that dropped 26 bagfuls of leaves. (Every year I counted.) I always wanted to do the pumpkin bag thing but our in town neighborhood banned everything but paper bags. I loved seeing those pumpkins.

    1. 26 bags! Goodness! The bad thing is that our leaf people won’t pick up these bags either, so once the holiday is done we’ll have to empty them into paper ones and into our composting bin. But until then they’re fun. 🙂

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