How Proper Keyword Density can help get your blog ranked for Keywords you want

Happy Monday, everyone! Today I have a very informative guest post from my friend Tim. I got to know Tim on Twitter, and he is seriously one of the nicest dudes out there. He’s generous with the retweets and always checks in to see how his tweeps are doing.


But aside from that, Tim is also very knowledgeable about blogging and social media. Today he’s offered to share with us some information on SEO and keywords — two of the more important things to know when trying to drive traffic to your blog via search engines.


So grab your coffee, site back, and get ready to learn something!


How Proper Keyword Density can help get your blog ranked for Keywords you want!


keyword SEO bloggingFor some bloggers SEO or search engine optimization can be a scary thing. Many times people ask me how to move up in the search engines for long tail keywords or phrases. One way to do this is to use three percent keyword density. By three percent I mean your keyword or phrase is used three times out of 100 words or three percent. Let’s say you write a 300 word blog post if so you may want to use the keyword or phrase 4 to 6 times. One good way to make sure you use your keyword or phrase this amount of times is to start with the title and pepper it into the first and last paragraphs of your blog post.


Let’s say for example the keyword or phrase you want to move up for is Holiday drink recipes. I would definitely recommend using Holiday drink recipes in the title of your blog post. Maybe a title like Delicious holiday drink recipes. Then I would make sure to use the phrase holiday drink recipes in the first paragraph of the post. Something like “Many people are always wondering what other holiday drink recipes there are besides eggnog. Today I will share a few lesser known but still delicious drink recipes for the holidays.” See how in the first sentence I used holiday drink recipes and in the second sentence I also reversed the keywords to make the phrase drink recipes for the holidays. Reversing the words can add more keyword phrase variation.


After using your keyword phrase in the title and first paragraph write naturally. Just do what you always do and write for people and not the search engines. If you want to pepper the keyword phrase here and there where appropriate do it. If the keyword phrase feels unnatural it’s best to leave it out.


If you stick with a three percent keyword density and make sure to use the keyword phrase one more time in the last paragraph then it should look like you are writing natural to the search engines. Never use your keyword phrase more than three percent. If you use your keyword phrase too many times it will look unnatural to your readers and to the search engines. You may even be penalized by the search engines and drop lower in the rankings for the phrase you are targeting.


So, did you learn something? I know I did. I’m definitely going to remember these tips next time I craft a post that I want to garner search engine attention.

Tim, thanks so much for guest posting for me today!


Tim is a consultant for Interactive Music Teacher where they teach
live online music lessons
. You can also find him on Twitter at @sogeshirts

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  1. Thanks so much Leigh Ann for having me!

    @LeighAnn Thanks so much.

    @Diane you may be right. 1-2 percent is probably fine to be on the safe side. I have to check out the Google quality rater guide. Haven’t heard of that. Thanks!

    @Julie that is good to know lol.

    @Carri Thanks Carri!

  2. LOL about the nude housework above! 😀

    Great and informative post, I’ll definitely be using this in the future to lure in some unsuspecting readers. *insert evil laugh* I’m not evil, promise! But more readers is always a good thing!


  3. Great read. So glad that I read this. I will be remembering the advice and probably reading it a few more times so I get it down in my brain. 🙂

  4. Hi Missy. It is tough to remember sometimes but if you write little reminders it gets easier.

    Amber- Thanks that is a great idea!

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