Pumpkin? Too bad, you’re a butterfly.

This is probably the last year that I can dictate what Rachel and Claire are going to be for Halloween. They’re starting to form those pesky opinions of their own. But I went ahead and chose something for all three of them.

As the holiday neared, we talked about dressing up. They were excited about their glittery butterfly wings and tutus, flying all over the house and the backyard. Claire loved the headgear. Rachel, not so much.

I tried to incite conversation, asking them what they were going to be for Halloween. The answers?

“I wanna be a pumpkin!”

Because they are obSESSED with pumpkins this year.

To which I answered, “Well too bad, you’re being butterflies.”

But this year? Halloween was a family affair. Mainly because we had a Halloween party to go to and I would feel lame next to my friend’s family Pac Man board costume.

I introduce you to the Torres Family Butterfly Farm!

halloween costumes twins butterfly
Rachel's on the right, sans antennae, Claire on the left, engrossed in something far more interesting than picture time. And of course little pink butterfly Zoe.

Never mind the fact that I can never get my 3 kids looking at the camera at the same time.

And yes we ARE going to rock this entire ensemble to go trick or treating tonight.


What are your little goblins dressing up as for Halloween? 


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  1. Hehehe – I love it! Super cute.
    The boys have been wanting to both be Spiderman for weeks, but wouldn’t go NEAR the actual costume once we got it. UGH.
    Finally got them to try them on tonight. Phew.
    Also? Twin toddlers are twice as insane and 1 toddler, right?! xx

  2. You guys look awesome!!! That title is hilarious. And you’re right. This is probably the last year of you picking. I can’t even begin to tell you what I’ve been through with my 5 year old and her costume this year.

    1. Oh well…I’m hoping that they’ll still want me to put something together for them. And that they’ll have some imagination!

  3. Such a cute idea! I too am hanging on to my last year that I can make everyone dress in theme. I have a feeling next year is going to be full of opinions. Sigh.

  4. I dread the day that little man wants to pick his own costume. Family themes are just too much fun!

    Love the butterfly catcher theme! Your girls are precious!

    1. LOL it was a pretty ingenious idea…that I got from twitter. Luckily I was able to pull ours together in one afternoon. It was super easy.

  5. You guys are so freakin adorable!!
    I figure three will be the oldest I can tell mine what they can be too!
    But? You can always dress Big C up!!!

  6. You guys look great! I love it!! We had our playgroup Halloween party yesterday afternoon and I am going to take Cheyenne trick or treating tonight in her Cinderella costume. She has been saying for weeks that she was going to be a princess and is so excited about it. I have to remind her of the princess name, but she knows she’s a princess and that’s all that matters. She’s so excited and she actually told me Happy Halloween this morning. Now we are off to make some Halloween Cookie Bars. YUM!! Have a fun evening with your beautiful butterfly farm!! 🙂

    1. Oh yes. We play princesses with some twin friends who have lots of princess dresses, and they love it.

  7. That’s hilarious!! Blake is going to be a race car driver… that’s the plan anyway. He’s two, so what’s good right now may not be good in five seconds.

    1. I think next year they will actually GET that Halloween isn’t a day in which you mom just puts you in something fun. They’re gonna know they can choose. Ugh!

  8. You did a terrific job of orchestrating this cute, cute bunch of butterflies. I know it is difficult when you want to be the Halloween art/costume director and the players just won’t cooperate… drat. The quandary for the girls is only one Halloween night a year and so many costumes you want to try. Have a great night. Love every minute of it, they soon become teenagers and those parties are really scary…lol.

  9. What a great idea for family dress-up. One of the most clever I’ve heard. Mine are old enough to be spread here and far last night. I stayed around and handed out candy (which I love). And the children came back and helped at the end. I think they have more fun handing out than going door to door. We had a witch and ghost pirate. This year too busy to get creative. And yes – they will soon have the own opinions about dressing up.

    1. Those sounds cute! I love handing out candy too, but we never get to do it too much. It takes both of us to take the kids trick or treating right now, and by the time we get back most of them have trailed off. Plus we don’t live in a very high trick or treating area.

  10. They’re so cute! I love the coordinated costumes! I think of doing things like that but it never happens… it requires a lot of time & thought and honestly I think that I’m just lazy.

    1. Thanks jackie! This was on a total whim. Twitter gave me the idea for ours after I said the girls were going to be butterflies, and we pulled it together mostly in one day. So easy. And cheap too!

  11. This group photo made me awww. This was an inspired group costume idea! This probably *is* your last year picking costume ideas out for the kids, but it’s not all bad having them think of their own. Some of the most entertaining discussions I’ve had with my kids were about costumes. Their little minds will astonish you.

    1. THAT’S what I’m excited about. To let them dress up in something that they totally want to be. If I hadn’t already bought the butterfly costumes when they said they wanted to be pumpkins,they would have been SO excited to be pumpkins.

  12. Love the themed costume for the whole family. I wanted my toddler to be a ladybug but she wanted to be a vampire like her sister so we compromised on a vampire ladybug.

    1. That sounds awesome! And very original. How funny you wanted her to be something cute and she wanted to be a vampire.

  13. Too cute! Thaks for sharing. We have five boys so no butterflies or cute fairys. My only daughter doesn’t do butterflies 😉 but she did dress up as a cowgirl. With no sisters she doesn’t play with dolls or cute toys either (sigh).

    1. Well, I picked the butterflies. My girls actually prefer cars and dinosaurs to dolls and tea parties. Which suits me fine because that was one of the things that terrified me about having girls!

  14. YOu totally rocked it.
    I am going to pass your idea on to my sil btw 😉
    Thank you so much for linking up to Howlerific halloween #BOO, so far behind over here with a week in DC and then a conference that had no internet (yes, a social media conference with no internet lol)
    Thank you …loving trick or treating today with a big bag of candy by my side 😉

  15. I love your picture of the two girls playing in the mud. I’m writing a blog about letting kids get messy and muddy. Would you mind if I used your photo in my blog post?

    1. If you can point me to which picture you are talking about, then I can let you know. Thanks!

  16. This is amazing! I’m doing an online roundup of family Halloween costumes for Today’s Parent magazine (todaysparent.com, we’re Canada’s number one parenting brand and yep, we work pretty far ahead). I’d love to include your butterfly farm idea. May I use your photo, with proper credits, of course, and link to your site for instructions? Please let me know asap: amy.valm@gmail.com Cheers!

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