Amazing talent

I’m linking up again with #VlogTalk today to show you guys something special.

Like really special.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Are you ready?

And for those of you who are wondering….no I didn’t get to shower before recording this. It was THAT important.

Ok, now to go get rid of this eye crossing headache…

Vlog Talk

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Leigh Ann Torres
Writer, artist, wife, cook, maid, bookkeeper, mom to twins plus one...all around genie in a bottle, except you only get one wish, and it has to be reasonable.
  1. OK, now that is downright creepy!

  2. Watching that gave me a headache! I can cross my eyes but nowhere near what you just did!

  3. That? Was mightily impressive! I was a little worried your eyeballs would pop out from the effort. *wink wink*

  4. Wow. I can honestly say that is something that I will never be able to do in this lifetime. But I think i’m more impress with your vlogging capabilities. Keep it up.


    You are so freakin cute. Even cross-eyed

  6. Woah. Are you coming on to me?

  7. Oh my gosh. That made my eyes hurt, but you are still adorable. And so talented.

  8. That is one awesome talent. I am impressed.

  9. AHHHH! Don’t do that anymore. It’s making MY eyes hurt! But yes, that eye control is pretty amazing.

  10. Mind? Blown.

    And now I have a headache.

  11. Oh wow, I have a headache now. But that? That is TALENT!

  12. Hahahaha, love it!!! That is quite the amazing talent…and I love how you edited the video, so fun!

  13. It wouldn’t play for me. But from the other comments maybe that’s a good thing? ;)

  14. Wow, you are just a bevy of hidden talent. You are a natural, you can’t practice something like that…lol You made me smile. The cutest part is that you were soooo proud of yourself.

  15. Gotta say- that is some amazing control you have there. WOW

  16. Omg. I don’t even know what to say.
    I was disgusted and impressed all at once.
    I want to slap you when you do that to make you stop.
    I have a headache.
    How can we make money from this?
    Yes we!!

  17. Hahahahaha!
    Umm– I don’t think you’re physically SUPPOSE TO be able to do that, are you?

    So darn funny and weird.

  18. Yuppers, my mind is blown. You are one talented lady, Miss Genie in a Blog ;)

  19. Yikes! Was the headache worth it????

  20. Ok, that is pretty freaky! I’m majorly impressed!

  21. Impressive, YES! I need to try a vlog. Looks like fun!

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