Holiday rememberance

The holiday season is exciting and magical with young children. As they grow, little moments start to come out of the woodwork–moments that will become traditions and things that I want my children to remember when they’re older and attempting to create their own lives. Like holiday baking. As soon as people start talking about […]

What I wish I’d known about having twins

Several weeks ago I was asked to give my input for an article from iVillage Canada on what I wish I’d known about having twins. Out of the three questions I answered, one of my quotes was chosen to include in the article. I’m so a published reporter now, right? My friend Nicole, who writes […]

Lamenting the loss of the nap

Pssst! The winner of my giveaway of The Christmas We Hoped For is at the bottom! _____________________ I’m sad. In mourning. Most of all, I’m tired. I’m lamenting the loss of my good friend, The Nap. We had a good run, The Nap, the twins, and I. Some people say that we were lucky to […]

Zoe tweets for #vlogtalk

Zoe’s nickname is the Honey Badger. She’s fearless. Leaps tall playscapes in a single bound. Flies down the highest spiral slide she can find, pointing and laughing at the little “babies” on the smaller structures. She mocks the dog with her threats to throw small, sharp toys at him. She gives the cat a kiss, […]

Happy Prematurity Awareness Day

At the grocery store last night I got some icky salmonella filled juices on my hands after picking out some leaky breakfast sausage. I held it between my forefinger and thumb and carried it in search of a plastic bag and some hand sanitizer. As I spread the cool liquid, my hands found the old […]

A girl’s first crush

Claire has her first real crush. It’s adorable. You thought her heart belonged to Woody? Pshaw. That was nothing. This time? She only has eyes for one. It’s fun seeing this one way love blossom. I have to admit, I kinda like the guy. Even if he is kind of a ginger. I mean, he’s […]

The Christmas We Hoped For–it’s a holiday giveaway!

It’s not really news that Christmas is coming — and faster than we realize. Stores are decking their halls, and I find myself wanting to pummel the people who brag on Facebook that they’ve completed their holiday shopping while I’m stressing out about what to get everyone. But in my head? Christmas is still magical. […]

What bloggers need to know about sponsorship opportunities

Once you enter the realm of blogging publicly, it can open a lot of doors and bring a lot of opportunities your way. Some bloggers seek to score advertising, write sponsored posts, and many strive to build up a freelance writing portfolio, using their blog as a stepping stone to a bigger career. If you’re […]

An Attitude of Gratitude #21

Welcome to my Sunday Attitude of Gratitude!┬áRead here┬áto find out why I started this weekly gratitude post. I know. I’ve been a little absent with AoG. Life has been getting in the way and I haven’t really been feeling it. But like Christian said, I need to push on through and remember the little things […]