A girl’s first crush

Claire has her first real crush.

It’s adorable.

You thought her heart belonged to Woody?

Pshaw. That was nothing.

This time? She only has eyes for one.

It’s fun seeing this one way love blossom. I have to admit, I kinda like the guy. Even if he is kind of a ginger. I mean, he’s got a hot body.


Lightening McQueen Cars 2

Yes. It’s a car. And she’s in love.

It all started when she watched Cars 2 at a friend’s house. Both girls loved it. Rachel stole a boy’s Lightening McQueen car that night, and we ended up having to purchase two of our own so we could give his back and put an end to the fighting over it.

Claire’s barely let him out of her sight since.

Her new favorite book is the Target toy catalogue. Turned to this page, of course.

Target toy catalogue Lightening McQueen Cars 2

Ask her who she’s looking at? She hides her face and giggles like the little girl she’s quickly turning into. She eventually squeaks out a bashful “Lining MaKeen!”

More giggles. Explosive cuteness.

And I love that she’s part tomboy, part girly girl.

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    1. She does, and so does Rachel. They’ll take cars, dinosaurs, and other animals over their baby dolls any day.

  1. OMG THAT is adorable!
    I love that she’s all giggly over Lightening!
    He is rather handsome and I hear he has a way of swooning the ladies.
    Is Rachel jealous?
    Be still my heart.

  2. She is so cute, I think from a parents point of view it is a pretty safe relationship, (that is if you don’t mind her riding in cars with a boy).

    1. THAT is awesome! Last year we did a half Tinkerbell, half Toy Story party. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cars makes an appearance for bday #4.

  3. That’s adorable.

    Our younger boy really likes Lighting McQueen (and would be upset if Claire tried to walk off with all his stuff with him on it!) but for the toy cars that have nothing to do with any Pixar films, his sister is the one who wants to play with those.

    (*She* has a crush on a classmate of her brother’s this week. He seems to be a good kid, so I’m not complaining.)

  4. That’s so cute!! Thank you for sharing.
    I thought my 3 year old was the only girl in love with Lightning McQueen! I had decorated her room when I was pregnant with pink and white polka dots in the Disney Princess theme. But since she was 2 years old, we have been adding Disney Cars items so the room is mismatched but she couldn’t be happier ! 🙂

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