Zoe tweets for #vlogtalk

Zoe’s nickname is the Honey Badger. She’s fearless. Leaps tall playscapes in a single bound. Flies down the highest spiral slide she can find, pointing and laughing at the little “babies” on the smaller structures.

She mocks the dog with her threats to throw small, sharp toys at him. She gives the cat a kiss, then yanks his tail.

Honey badger don’t care.

But Monday? I caught her doing something really naughty. See for yourself.

She could have at least used her own twitter account.

Vlog Talk

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  1. You’re simply preparing her for the social workplace that she’s bound to work in! 😉

    And long “o” sound on the Jostes – Ha!

    1. LOL I hate it when she does something and I have no idea how she did it. She could probably fix some things for me if I let her.

  2. Goose LOVES to tweet when I leave my laptop/tweetdeck open and leave the room… I’ve even come back with her no-where near it to see @ mentions to me saying “Hi Goose!” so I know she’s been busy 😉

    super cute video – and of course adorable girl too!! loved it 🙂

    1. I now have to push the chair in when I leave the room. I had gotten past that stage with the big girls and now here we are again!

  3. AHAHAHAHA! How old is she? Klaw likes to treat my computer just as gently. However, he prefers to tweet & text from Daddy’s phone. (He’s almost 20 months)

    1. Dana, she’s 21 months. I had to put a pattern lock on my phone because she could do the simple slide lock.

  4. My daughter loves getting on my computer and playing on Twitter. So far she hasn’t sent any tweets out but I’m sure it will happen soon.

  5. She is adorable, could be I’m a little bias, no probably not. Like mommy, like daughter, just don’t take up knife throwing or fire baton juggling and I think Honey Badger will be ok.

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