Unwrapping Christmas

If you’re reading this, then you and I must have survived Christmas. Cheers!

Christmas this year was pretty magical. Rachel and Claire wholly believed in the tale of Santa, and they were so very excited about what Christmas day would bring. For about a week Rachel asked me every single day if it was Christmas and of we could open presents. Ideally I don’t want my kids to think that Christmas is all about “What did I get???” But to be honest with you, we haven’t broached the topic of the religious side of the holiday very much. At this point and time, we’re not church go-ers, mainly because we haven’t taken the steps to agree on a potential church (more complicated than I care to go into here and now). Or maybe we’re just lazy.

Until then, what we are trying to instill in them is the notion that Christmas is about family, caring, and giving, with receiving being a part of the giving. For a few years Christian and I didn’t exchange gifts because we wanted to save our money for the kids, but I believe that our kids need to see us exchange gifts, even if it’s something so simple as touch screen friendly gloves or a pair of slippers. It means “I’m thinking of you.”

Every Christmas we’re bombarded with toys that we want to get the girls. Of course we can’t get them everything, but this year I felt we got them enough. We didn’t regret getting them too much crap for the sake of getting them something, only to have it be lost or overlooked later, and I really can’t think of anything that we were dying to get them that we couldn’t. Except a racetrack for all of their cars, but that’s the benefit of having a birthday in a few more months, right?

So without further ado, here are the winners of this year’s Christmas “it’s not all about the swag” swag.

Cars, cars, and more cars. If you read anything I put on Facebook or on this blog, you’ll know that my little girls are crazy about Lightening McQueen.ย The eat, sleep, and breathe Radiator Springs and the World Grand Prix. When it was all said and done and they had opened presents from us, Grandma, Nana & Grandpa, and Aunt Doreene, we had a total of seven McQueens. Also popular was Mater, Finn McMissile, Holly, and Francesco, who just might be Claire’s new crush.

Cars2 Cars Christmas

Princesses in the house! It’s almost impossible NOT to buy little girls princess paraphernalia. Dress up princess costumes, little dolls that can change their outfits, and more have my girls re-entering the pretend world of “your majesty” and “I’m a princess!”

princesses Christmas

Fishing poles, dinosaurs, Uno Moo, tools, Leapfrog Fridge Farm, and OH YEAH BIKES. The ONE thing I wanted to make sure we got this year was bikes. Time to get these girls peddling. Only we were dumb about it. I was afraid that if we put them in front of the tree, they would be so excited about them and beg us to ride them {in the freezing drizzle} that it would become a battle. Little did my novice Christmas mind know that 1) the other presents would have been calling to them, begging to be unwrapped; and 2) they really weren’t going to care that much about the bikes anyway. THANKS SANTA!

bikes and more

Actually, they were excited and eager to get on them and start riding. Until they realized that there was pedaling and steering and OH MY GOD WHY CAN’T YOU JUST PUSH US LIKE YOU DO BABY ZOE? We weren’t halfway to the house next door before they ditched them for good old fashioned walking. But we will persevere. {By the way did you know that trying to teach 2 kids how to pedal and steer while also tending to the 22 month old who is shrieking because someone stopped pushing her tricycle is kinda hard?}

The bathtub fishing poles are the best $4 {er…$12} I ever spent, they all love the fridge farm, and Uno Moo is a super fun game as long as I only have to play it with one kid at a time {see the above note about the bikes…same applies with games. Family game nights are sure to be a blast around here.}. My awesome sister in law Michelle also made them each a wicked cool monster bag that I for some reason don’t have a photo of? More to come.

The sleeper hit of the day? The pair of moccasin like slippers that I gave Christian. I was afraid he would think it was such a “dad gift,” but he’s barely taken them off since. And I got a lovely new flat iron to replace the old crusty one I had been previously damaging my hair with. So now you will get less of this:


And more of this:

straight hair

I know. I look nothing like my about me photo. Good lighting does a lot for a girl.

How was your Christmas? Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? Festivus for the rest of us? Did you have any favorite gifts? DO YOU LIKE MY HAIR????

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  1. Love the post and the hair!!! Christmas was wonderful but sad its over. I’m glad to get the house organized and clean but I miss the amounts of love from family and friends. Not to mention the FOOD!

    1. Oh, I’m SO glad that the Christmas goodies are gone. And then I found the kids’ candy on top of the fridge. So I’ll be glad again by the ned of the day that THAT is gone.

      Wait, you’re house is getting organized and clean? No fair.

  2. We had a great time down there with you guys and I wish we could have stayed for Christmas Day, but I was extremely glad to pick up Devon and have both of my kids on Christmas morning. This year was great! Devon loved his gifts and Cheyenne just got it this year. She was so excited to see what Santa left her and she played with each thing for a few minutes and sometimes we had to tear her away to look at something else or open more presents. It was awesome and this was the Christmas I have been waiting for. She had such a blast, which of course means, I had a blast watching them. Of course, I could have done without the migraine that lasted 2 days, but now I’m ready to re-wrap everything and do it all over again….j/k. But now I can enjoy Cheyenne enjoying all of her gifts and play with her. I’m glad you guys had a great Christmas. It looks like a great time!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you guys!!

  3. I love your hair;)

    For the big little kids our big hit were the Air Hog RC cars. They also got the wall tracks for their cars, there’s a picture of it on my It’s Finally Over post. It was hard to put together, but totally worth it. I’ve bought lots of car tracks and it is easily the best one!

    1. Honestly, I would get her a trike. My parents got Z a little tikes convertible one. It has a handle so I can put it, but we can take it off once she learns to peddle. That’s the issue we’re having with the big girls right now — they don’t get the pedaling idea. Or steering.

    1. I love that they’re a little bit girly, a little bit tomboy! One of my fears with having girls was that I wouldn’t know how to play tea party and all that stuff with them. But I secretly do love playing princesses. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Your hair looks great!! I like mine straight but it’s more effort than it’s worth sometimes even with the help of the flat iron!!

    Hope that you & your family have a great new year!

    1. Thanks, Jackie! I’m even considering cutting it pretty short so that I’ll be inclined to straighten in more often. Happy new year!

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