High on life. Or sugar.

This week I’m linking up a little video for iPhone Photo Phun. I couldn’t resist letting y’all see a peek into life with two three year olds and one not-yet two year old.


The real question is….

How much sugar has the big kid had???


Now go check out Liz and Kristin’s linkup!

iPhone Photo Phun

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Leigh Ann Torres
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  1. Hahahaha what a fun household!

    My husband does the baby thing with the Monkey too. He loves it. They both do.

  2. Okay, this is too cute. But I don’t envy you at all. :D

  3. That is too cute. It simultaneously makes me want to give my kid more candy, and hide it forever more.

    • Right? I sometimes give them a bit to make them happy, then realize I want to put them in a box and lock them in the closet afterwards.

  4. That looks like a blast! Hubs must have some seriously strong arms though. Makes me tired just watching.

  5. OOHHH… How much do I love you people!!
    Time a million! That’s how much!
    I wish I was there spinning right along with you.
    Of course I’m so light weight that Big C could pick me up with no problem!
    Then you and I would laugh gingerly as we sipped coffee (not tea) and let then men folk do the child rearing.
    Oh in a perfect world.

    Give those children hugs from me! xo

  6. lurve! Your man and mine are so similar with their girls. Tossing them around like boys, but treating them like they’re ladies.

  7. So cute! It’s nice to see that Chris is keeping up his Tough “Fadder” training, lifting weights, (or little girls). Thanks for sharing.

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