That time you guys were all right

Something weird has happened lately. I’ve flipped my Twitter and Facebook usage.

Most non tweeters don’t understand Twitter, and you really won’t until you start to use it. And then you’ll get addicted. And then you’ll start to loath Facebook.

I like to say that Twitter is where people go to get real. We complain, we swear, we chat, we share, we boast occasionally, and we complain some more. And then Facebook starts to look really lame and full of people bragging about the things that make their life look perfect, while those of us on twitter fully admit that we’re merely jackasses disguised as semi responsible adults.


Meanwhile, over on Facebook, you see this:

facebook status update
Yay you.

Or this:

boring facebook status half marathon time
Congrats. I only have 3 more donuts to go until the end of this box. Who's awesome now?

Or even this:

boring facebook status update
You realize that 90% of your friends just gave your the good old eyeroll, right?

But that Mark Zuckerberg, he’s a crafty one, getting rid of all of the notification emails that gave me validation that someone cared about the jibberish spouting from my fingertips or the insanely cute picture I just uploaded of someone throwing a tantrum. Now I have to actually visit the damn site to do my business, and then I just get sucked in to everyone else’s mundaneness (mundanity? mundanosity? mundaneousness?).

In addition to Zuck’s genius, my beloved Tweetdeck was a little too hard on Pearl, my Mac, and I’ve been using Twitter web (gag) for the time being and feel like I am missing a lot and just don’t tend to spend much time there. I miss you Tweetdeck. Someone buy me a new Mac so I can see you again.

So I’ve been on Facebook a little more, and it’s proved to be very useful. If you know me well, you know that I hate making decisions. I like to pawn that stuff off on other people, like my husband. Or my dog even. Or social media.

I use it for important shopping related questions:

Facebook status update
16 comments and you guys were no. help. at. all.

Interior decorating advice:

facebook status update twin bunk beds
Y'all were torn on this one. But the consensus seemed to be twin beds. That maybe later turned into bunk beds. Naturally, I've done nothing.

But I really like to pawn my parental decision making off on you guys. Like this:

Costco facebook status update
The majority rule on this one was "HELL to the NO."

Or even this:

Facebook status update sick kids
Every single one of you here and on Twitter voted to send her. I love you.

Don’t go all thinking I don’t want to hang out with my kid. If she stayed home we could have done all the fun stuff that Rachel hates, like watch Tangled. But I PAY for Mother’s Day Out, and so they need to GO to Mother’s Day Out as many days as they possibly can. We go Monday/Wednesday, so we already miss all of those damn Monday holidays that I coveted when I worked at a financial institution. So let’s reserve staying home for head wounds or puking, mkay?

And then this:

Facebook status update sick kids
Again, I rely on the internets to tell me what to do.

We have this bad habit of going to the doctor for absolutely nothing, but staying home to ride out serious illnesses like the flu, making it to the doctor after the 48 hour window for Tamiflu has practically closed. That crap made my kids inSANE anyway, so I’m not sure I want to take that on again.

I also tend to see dollar signs whenever I do anything. We have a high deductible health care plan, meaning we hand over our first born for everything until we meet our deductible, no copays. So I tend to skirt the issue of going to the doctor unless it’s truly necessary. You know, like to use the potty.

Unfortunately I don’t know what necessary is. Thankfully you guys do, because later that day I was the proud owner of 1 nebulizer, 1 antibiotic, 24 doses of Albuterol, and 1 pneumonia diagnosis. She’s doing breathing treatments every few hours, or as she puts it, “Iss time to do my smoke!”

I think I’m actually going to teach her to say, “Iss time to get my smoke on!” so we could really look like parents of the year when she repeats it to her teacher?

So thank you, valiant, brave, and early morning Facebook and Twitter users who help me make those tough parenting and shopping decisions. When I’m out of milk and bread or when the rest of the class comes down with pneumonia too, at least I have back up.


PS: See that running related status up there? That’s from my good friend, who just completed a half marathon. She’s a badass, as are all of the others who did the race. My poking fun at her status is all in good fun. She has a right to be proud of herself.

PPS: You see all of those comments on my FB posts? Did you know you can also leave those comments on my fanpage? I know! So cool. Come on by! I like it when you talk to me.

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  1. I miss you on the twitter!
    AND I have noticed you more on the Facebook.
    I just got a new app that makes FB more user friendly so I think I may see more of you on there.
    We need to find a way to get you a new Mac, this isn’t acceptable.

  2. Thise are some serious questions you are putting in the hands of Facebook followers! I chuckled at “naturally I’ve done nothing” because I can totally relate.

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!

    1. It’s a long line of laziness keeping us from doing something about those beds. You have a WONDERFUL day too! I feel so blessed!!!!! 😉

  3. I need to know how you knew it was time to take your kiddo to the doctor! We are so the same way about taking Noah for nothing and waiting forever for serious stuff because we are parenting idiots.

    He’s been coughing in his sleep. He had bronchiolitis about a month ago. No fever. Hate the thought of taking him to the doctor to be told there’s nothing they can give him because he’s only 10 months. *sigh*

    I’m hoping this gets a LITTLE easier as they get older?

    1. Well, I mainly took her because it was Friday and I knew they would be closed over the weekend and the after hours nurse line is useless. But I’m glad I did. Now I’m about to take the 2yo because she was up ALL night last night coughing and stuffy. She has classic ear infection symptoms, which we’ve never had before (the symptoms that is). She’s had 1 ear infection a year ago, and it was diagnosed because we took her in for a cough. If in doubt, I would call them. I remember when she was around that age, maybe younger, and they did give her something for her cough that also helped her sleep. Good luck!

      Oh and I use Safari. I didn’t know there was a browser Tweetdeck. I really have to offload some photos from my computer. That’s what’s slowing it down. I can hardly do anything without the spinny color wheel of death coming up.

  4. Ha! I was telling someone this weekend how tired I was of FB. Seems like everyone is always writing about their perfect life and only showing their best pictures. I like how everyone is more real on Twitter. That’s probably why I like it better.

  5. IF only I weren’t so tech STUPID, I would have followed you on twitter. I am old school FB. That makes me laugh- as if FB was old school. I know you’re not laughing, It’s really not that funny. I am glad you are posting more on FB.I will be sure to look for your advice too the next time I don’t want to bring my boys to the doctor and decide I can diagnosis cedar pollen allergies. I could use some confirmation of my skills. I am sometimes guilty of posting those perky little gems on FB myself, but I PROMISE you I also post about poop, anxiety attacks, Xanax, and the fact that my adorable boys torture me by never sleeping when I want or need them too! I dunno. Now that I think about it, maybe I am just too damn verbose to twittersize. Learning to tweet and blog is on my to-do list along with putting at least one word or date in a baby book and cleaning out my closet.

  6. It’s true! I started tweeting and now I really don’t like facebook. It’s like everyone is posting to their little circle and I’m out of the loop. All I get are my pages like posts…. When I do see a real post it’s just as you say–not so real. I like twitter where I can say my truth to whoever is there… so far I only have a few followers….

  7. I’m completely addicted to all of it. Facebook, Twitter, whatever. I can’t stand to be off for a day. I may have a problem.
    I know I’m one of those cheery happy people most of the time, but that’s just me. I think it’s the whole having gone through hell thing and I feel guilty if I am not appreciative most of the time!
    You want real, come over and we’ll have lunch and I’ll talk your ear off. Ha!
    Enjoyed this post, Leigh Ann.

    1. Everyone has a right to be cheery. You have good reason to appreciate what you have! 🙂 And it definitely doesn’t mean that I don’t or that I think others shouldn’t. 🙂

  8. I know what you mean about Twitter vs. Facebook. I feel bad when I neglect one over the other and then when I neglect my family & the house for both. There is no way to keep up with it all!

    1. Ha! I hear you. Sometimes I’m all “I didn’t have time to do the dishes or take a shower!!!….Because I was tweeting/facebooking for the last hour!”

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