Hanging a little happiness

You would hate shopping with me.

Last month I was a lucky recipient of some passes to the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar here in Austin, thanks to the lovely ladies at LiveMom. I’d been before, but it had been years. The Armadillo Bazaar is right up my alley with its live music and aisle upon aisle of artist and artisan booths ranging from high end art and photography to more affordable things for cheapies like me. Not crafts, but actual honest to goodness art.

Along with the passes I also won a gift certificate to spend on anything in the bazaar. The reason you would hate shopping with me? I’m not an impulse shopper. I wanted to keep my out of pocket cost as low as possible, meaning I was determined to scour every booth and stand in that bazaar, take mental notes of things I liked within my price range, and when I was done, I would make my decision.

See? Admit it. You’re cringing.

But one booth stopped me short. I don’t know if it was the honky tonk music on the nearby stage, the glass of wine in my hand, or the fact that I had straightened my hair and was feeling brazen, but when I came across this artist’s work, I immediately knew this was where I would be spending my money. No second thoughts or mental weighing of options needed.

Studio DiStefano bird print

I can tell you from experience that artists hate it when people call their work "cute," but....isn't it cute???

I bought myself this little piece of happiness and I love it more every day. It’s a small piece: a print of one of her larger and more expensive paintings mounted on a wooden plaque. It fits perfectly on a little strip of wall that’s in an awkward hallway or sorts between my kitchen, bedroom, and living room. It greets me when I stumble sleepy eyed out of my bedroom. It catches my eye as I tear from the kitchen to the living room to play referee. I stop and examine it for a few seconds each time I get something out of our oddly placed pantry.

Basically I see it a lot.

And every single time it fills me with happiness. The exuberant colors. The texture. The tiny crown sitting on the fat little bird’s head.

I love it.

Here’s to adding more visual happiness in 2012!


Is there something in your home, car, or wallet that makes you happy? Don’t say your kids. That’s just predictable.  

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Leigh Ann Torres
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  1. That IS very pretty. I so love the colors.

    (my husband shops the same way, it.drives.me.crazy.)

  2. LOVE this. So pretty and colorful!

  3. I shop the same way. My money is well earned and I don’t want to part with it so quickly. A beautiful piece!

  4. I like shopping with you. I should have bought a little piece of happiness too. That little reindeer would have been a perfect pet.

  5. I would love to shop with you, because you’d understand why I have to find the ONE PERFECT THING. Unfortunately, we probably would have fought over that print. :)

  6. I shop the same way! Love the artwork…so cheery!!

  7. Oh I love that print!
    It’s beautiful and so bright!

  8. I sort of wish I had it for my new office! i love it. And ps? We shop just the same.

  9. I love those colors. And cute works for me!

  10. This is wonderful and very true! Amazing art and a great artist1

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