Things I learned this weekend

No matter how mild the Texas winter and the fact that we JUST had a 90 degree day, the day I schedule my 2 year old’s birthday party at the park, it will be expected to be freezing. Well, in the 50s. That’s freezing to people who never take off their flip flops.

Even though the day turned out beautiful, it gets stupid cold after 4pm. And now my toes are blue.

A shiny yellow Disney princess skirt is perfectly suitable attire when you’re the birthday girl.

things i learned this weekend

It doesn’t matter how much I plan and make arrangements, I’ll still find myself driving all over town looking for last minute items that I CANNOT FIND ANYWHERE.

My preparations will forever be foiled by my debilitating lack of time management skills and I’ll still be slaving away, icing cupcakes, cutting fruit, and finishing party favors up until the last minute.

Yes, I WILL forget to put my child down for a nap when I’m really busy. Oops! See “debilitating lack of time management skills” above.

My kids do not play on playgrounds for more than 5 minutes. This I already knew, but every time we go I hold onto a shred of hope that maybe they’ll stretch it out to 7.

My kids WILL hang out at the pavilion we rented and EAT ALL THE FOOD.

things i learned this weekend

The combination of acetaminophen and loud children is deadly for my husband’s attitude.

I much prefer attending parties to throwing them.

I much prefer attending parties where they serve beer rather than juice boxes.

Most kids will only eat the frosting off of their cupcakes.

Zoe will drop any cupcake she is holding because it takes her an hour to eat it.


Hosting a party means I lose my children about 37 times.

things i learned this weekend
But I will also catch them playing with their shadows.

5pm. is even colder than 4pm.

I will have spent 2 hours with my friends and still not know what is going on with 3/4 of them. And I’m not sure if I said bye to any of them.

I really need to teach my kids the concept of THESE PRESENTS ARE NOT FOR YOU.

Zoe is a bubble wand hog.

I WILL send my husband back to the park in the dead of night to retrieve the homemade banner we left behind.

things i learned this weekend

Taking 2 days off and eating pizza and cupcakes WILL make your scale groan and your next run kinda hard.

No matter which way I run in my neighborhood, it’s always against the wind.

My friends and family are awesome.

This kid is the best.

things i learned this weekend


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  1. My child’s 1st birthday party is the primary reason why she didn’t have a 2nd birthday party. I kid you not when I say that I got pneumonia in the days following it. It started off as an earache the night before, I was a shivering, feverish mess by the time the party ended. And from there it went into my lungs. And I’m pretty sure I can attribute all of it to stress and fatigue. Maybe by her 3rd birthday I’ll have recovered enough to throw another party.

    Laughing that you sent your husband back to the park in the dead of night to retrieve the banner. That’s something I would do.

    And yes, parties with beer > parties with juice boxes.

  2. Sounds like all in all it was a successful celebration!! What a good hubby to go back to the park for the banner after all of that. And yes, people that live barefoot or in flip flops freeze at anything below 50. Glad she had a great day, what a sweet girl!

  3. I hear you. Today I will be running to Party City and Randall’s today before a 4:00 CEC party. Yes a Chuck E Cheese party for pre-schoolers. Pray for me.


  4. She is seriously the cutest thing EVER!
    I want to squeeze the crap right outta her!

    Also? C is wonderful for going back and getting your banner… so sweet.

    Happy Birthday Zoe xoxoxoxo

  5. All things considered, I’m sure Zoe had fun, (who wouldn’t with a bubble wand?). Just think next year, pony rides and bouncey house….lol Thanks for sharing her day.

  6. I love parties…. as long as I don’t have to prepare for and clean up after them. They’re a lot of fun but they’re a lot of work too!

    Looks like yours turned out pretty good! I’m jealous that you can have one outside in the winter! We can’t even go outside for more than 10 minutes because it’s to cold!

  7. Ha! This was very funny. It reminds me of the recent society post on ScaryMommy called “I’m a slacked mom” and she hates birthday parties. This also reminds me of nightmares I have where I can’t seem to find anything I need when I’m going on a trip. đŸ™‚

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