Now I can plan stuff. And stuff.

I felt very important today, as I purchased something for myself that was not  a) cookies, b) Dr. Pepper, or  c) toilet paper. Movin’ on up, yo! It’s been a few months since I re-entered the working world (kind of….from home. In my pajamas. Writing stuff), but I quickly learned that I was a bit […]

I got your back, Twilight Sparkle

As far as toys go, we have a little bit of everything at our house with no really large or complete collections of anything. We have buckets of random animals, buckets of Mega Bloks, Little People, dinosaurs, and the ever present box of Completely Random Junk That My Kids Love to Play with More Than […]

How to get through to your preschooler without losing your mind

I am VERY excited today to host one of my favorite people in twitter and blog land, Dr. Deborah Gilboa from Ask Dr. G. Dr. G (if we ever meet I’m pretty sure I will still call her Dr G instead of her actual first name) is a Board Certified Family Physician and mother of […]

And that’s when I knew it was time to hide the plungers

Ever since we converted the girls to toddler beds, the mornings have sucked big time. They wake up mega early, get out of bed, and immediately commence the yelling and shenanigans. It’s usually all in good fun, but there really is no good fun to be had at 6:15 in the morning for the over […]