4 years of hair

Hair is a defining characteristic for most people, and for R&C it’s been no different. They have some of the most gorgeous brown locks that fall in near perfect ringlet curls down their back. Really, really long ringlet curls that they sleep on so in the morning they’re less bouncy ringlets and more frizzy mess.

It hung in an uneven, helter skelter mane, with some locks reaching down farther than others like the rat tails of the 80s. Every night after bath time I would accost them with the detangler and the soft bristled brush and it would take forever to get the knots out, especially from Claire’s because she twirls her hair when she sucks her thumb in bed. We’re all about good habits over here.

So Saturday I made en executive decision to take them for their first haircut. But first, lets go through a little hair history.

identical twin babies

Here at 6 months, not much to report. Just fuzz that I still tried to comb into a side part.

identical twin babies

At a little over a year, the hair is filling in nicely, although Rachel has a hard time keeping hers in line. And look how fat they are! I can say fat because they’re babies and haven’t reached the age of negative self esteem and girl power and such.

identical twin babies double stroller

Springy pigtails were my favorite stage at about 18 months. They didn’t need to keep the hair out of their face just yet, but it was just so cute I couldn’t resist. I am in danger of becoming a stage mom. Or at least a pigtail mom.

identical twins highchairs

At age 2, Claire wakes up with perfect hair just about every day, while Rachel’s is quickly turning into a giant, inexplicable fro.

identical twins hair

The fantastic ringlets start to emerge at about 2.5. This was my very favorite hair stage. Pigtails were still cute, it wasn’t too in their faces, and it didn’t take a year to brush. This is what the experts call “ideal.”

And then before I knew it, in a flash of growth that took place over a year and a half from that last picture but seemed like I just blinked, we were here. Almost 4, with the longest, most uneven and unkempt mess of curls you’ve ever seen. It was almost always in a ponytail or put back in some form or fashion so they could, you know, see. These girls don’t do barrettes.

So I dragged them to the nearest kids’ haircutting place where I proceeded to annoy the hell out of the stylist with my obsessive photo taking and my miscommunication about how much I wanted cut off, probably due to the obsessive photo taking. And the girls? Well, they proceeded to just watch Mulan. Because today’s hair cutting places are geniuses.

I know, I know. You can barely tell that they got a haircut. Christian was disappointed, to which I responded, “Well then why don’t YOU just take them next time so I can stay home and take a nap with the baby (who’s really not a baby anymore, but we just can’t seem to stop calling her that)?

But seriously, I can tell. Mainly when I’m brushing it and I don’t feel like I need a drink afterwards. I brushed it this evening after baths and it was glorious. Glorious, I tell you!

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  1. I’m thinking that’s why we need a haircut here, too, though monkey’s hair isn’t nearly that curly or long. It’s just messy on the ends and she won’t let me put it in a ponytail. “Bows” are fine, but she doesn’t leave them in, so what’s the point?!

    1. Oh my girls LIVED in ponytails before their hair cut! I also would put just the fronts of their hair in a little ponytail, or I would do braided pigtails. But I’m amazed at hoe much healtier and cleaner it looks after their cut.

  2. I took Peo to one of those kid-centered shops for her first haircut last year, and she was happy that she got to sit in a fire engine and watch Magic School Bus, but I was unimpressed at paying so much for them to cut hardly any of it off. We even made a bitmap of Peo’s face with different hairstyles so she could choose, and printed out what we wanted, which was very much pageboy-short, and the lady totally ignored that and had it almost shoulder-length.

    We also requested bangs and the lady didn’t bother. The point was to get it out of her face, and instead she got a ribbon tied to one side, but she’s too active for that to stay in place. Indeed, she’d pulled it out to have a better look at it before we even got home.

    Three weeks later, the shop sends me a “We miss you!” coupon. AHA. They’re deliberately not cutting enough so you have to go back more often.

    So yesterday I did our second home-based cut. It’s not great, it’s far from perfect, but once I told Peo we could spend that $15 on something else she’d like better, like a book, she was all for it.

    I’d happily take her back to a shop if they weren’t being so scammy about it. :/

    I bet you get emailled a coupon in three weeks too…

    1. What a pain, Kimberly! 2 inches was all I could muster, but I’m thinking about eventually cutting it into a cute bob. When they were 2.5 it was the perfect length and curled into this perfect little bob — most days. 😉

  3. I love their hair! So beautiful!

    And I’m with you… it may not seem like they got it cut but to a mom it’s noticeable! It was like that when my girls were younger too. It made it so much easier to brush and just looked better overall.

  4. It’s beautiful! Of course, it was cut — a mom can tell because it is the mom who sprays and detangles! I love the hair flashbacks! Those are two gorgeous girls!!! BTW, we call my daughter who just turned five “baby”, too.


    1. Ha no kidding. On the times my husband does brush their hair, it still has lots of tangles. Plus only a girl knows ow to brush another girl’s hair and avoid yanking too hard. 🙂

      1. I don’t know about that – my dad turned out to be a more patient and gentle brusher of tangled girl hair than my mom was. DH isn’t as good with combing out Daughter’s hair as I am, but I’ve had my hair long since it first grew out to “long” (age 3 or 4) while his has been long for less than half his life. (Plus his hair, while fine, doesn’t tangle as badly as most fine hair, and it looks nice, and it’s longer than *mine* — I’ve heard from several women that they’d kill for hair like his.) He attempts it regularly, at least, and seems to be more understanding about the pain of the yanking than I am some evenings. (He has understood from a much earlier age than I did that the way you treat one person’s hair may not be appropriate for another person’s hair, and his hair is more similar to Daughter’s than mine is, which gives him some sort of an edge. About all I have going for me is stubbornness and better manual dexterity. Come to think of it, my dad had more patience for dealing with us when he took over brushing out hair, and he had significantly better manual dexterity than my mom did. That combination probably helped a lot. I wonder if he’d like brushing out his granddaughter’s hair if he were still alive?)

  5. I think is good to ease into it for sure! Their hair is so pretty already, I wouldn’t have wanted to do much to it. I had to cut Jered’s hair every month starting around 7 months old…he has a mop, that’s why I just shave it now. Logan is just now growing visible hair, he has the constant Dennis the Menace do going on. No hair cut for him anytime in the near future thank goodness. They look adorable Leigh Ann, what a fun memory for you all.

  6. They have beautiful hair!!!
    We aren’t cutting out toddlers hair for a long while. And? We can’t stop calling her the baby either.

    1. Don’t cut it til you have to! She’s so freaking cute that you can call her a baby forever.

  7. I cannot bring myself to cut my daughter’s hair yet – the still soft baby locks are just too precious.

    Thankfully it’s finally long enough to tuck behind her ears – any sort of adornment like a ponytail or pigtail or barrette is almost immediately removed..

    I think you were wise to wait – my son had to start having his cut around 14 months – it meant over a year of screaming…

    1. I say don’t cut it til you have to. Theirs was long overdue, but they have a LOT of hair.

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