What I {Really} Want for Mother’s Day

First off, thank you all for you good wishes and happy thoughts for Listen to Your Mother. It. Was. Awesome. More to come on that, but I’m wiped and can’t form a coherent thought right now to express my feelings toward it. But I will say that as much as I was wanting the anxiety […]

Weird feelings and ramblings and such

So I’ve been feeling really weird lately (and don’t you hate it when people start sentences off with “so?”). Unhealthy, if you will, likely from the fact that I rarely do more than scavenge the scraps from my kids’ plates┬ábecause why would I make myself an entire sandwich when Zoe didn’t even touch her half, […]

I Make Making Fun a weekly gig

Guys! I am ver’ excited to have joined the team over at This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff. Today I’m sharing a fun kid-friendly recipe that we had to alter due to Claire’s peanut allergy. Not only do I get to write honest, no frills, and [hopefully?] funny reviews on all kinds of fun things, […]

Attending is harder than it sounds

I’m currently reading Parenting the Strong Willed Child (partly in response to a horrible couple of weeks, around the time of the really bad day). Step one in the five step program is “attending,” or making statements that echo your child’s actions while playing together or participating in an activity, i.e. “You’re building a tower!” […]