On being a mother of three

I’m guesting today!

Some of you know that when I found out I was pregnant with my third child, I was all kinds of distraught.

I despise being pregnant.

I was afraid another baby would break the bank. And my sanity.

I feared I would be one of “those moms” with all the kids. You know you think it.

I mean it’s not like we could really help that we got pregnant with twins the first time around and automatically had 2 kids from the get go. But it’s amazing how sometimes two┬áis an acceptable number, while three is WAY TOO MANY in a lot of people’s eyes. But having twins the first time around often leaves parents longing to know what it’s like to have just one — because since you blocked out the debilitating exhaustion, you also blocked out most of the sweet baby memories.

But that’s not exactly how it happened for us.

My friend Kristin from What She Said recently made the difficult, yet heartfelt decision that she is happy being a mother of one. And while she’s on vacation, she asked if I would share my experience in becoming and surviving as a mother of three. I’m happy to be at her place today sharing my story. Do stop by. I tend to do my best writing for other people, you know.

And you may find yourself running for the birth control after reading it. I know I am.

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