I Make Making Fun a weekly gig

Guys! I am ver’ excited to have joined the team over at This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff. Today I’m sharing a fun kid-friendly recipe that we had to alter due to Claire’s peanut allergy.

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Not only do I get to write honest, no frills, and [hopefully?] funny reviews on all kinds of fun things, but I get to work with an amazing team of ladies.

Amber is a fellow mom of twins + 1 who totally gets me (she did it backwards by having her singleton first though).

Carrie is a former Austinite and someone I want to have a beer with.

And Alex is Alex. I would rave about her more than I have here and here, but I don’t want to see creepy[er].

So thank you, ladies, for including me in your awesome team! I’ll be hanging out over there and tweeting at @MakesFun on Tuesdays from now on or until they change all of their passwords.




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  1. Congratulations, Leigh Ann! Review-writing is a lot of fun, especially if you can use your own voice instead of having to make it sound just this side of an advertorial. I wrote them for a magazine for a while on the “As Seen On TV” items, and had a blast. There were some products I actually liked (and still use), but others were just train wrecks that gave me hilarious stories. You’re witty and fun, and I think you’re a natural fit for this type of writing!

    1. Thanks Crystal! That means a lot coming from a funny lady like you. It IS a lot of fun, and for some reason felt a lot more natural than some of the stuff I do here on my own blog. Which means that something might nee to change around here…

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