What I {Really} Want for Mother’s Day

First off, thank you all for you good wishes and happy thoughts for Listen to Your Mother. It. Was. Awesome. More to come on that, but I’m wiped and can’t form a coherent thought right now to express my feelings toward it. But I will say that as much as I was wanting the anxiety of it all to be done, I’m sad it’s over. Those women and their stories will forever hold a special place in my heart.

ANYWAY. I’m taking it easy today and sending you over to Studio 30 Plus, where I’m today’s featured writer. Yeehaw!

Forget the mommy necklaces or the pedicures. I’m shedding some light on the non material things I really want for Mother’s Day. And I ain’t talking about breakfast in bed and snuggles from my adorable children.

Come say hi! You know you want to.



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