My brush with a movie star

My list of celebrity run ins is ridiculously short.

I met the lead singer of Deep Blue Something. [Cue the “Deep Blue Who????”]

I rang up Ross Perot when I worked at a sporting goods store in high school. He paid with a Benjamin so crisp it was like it was printed straight from his pocket. And the ears and the lack of height? Yes and yes.

I had history class with Ricky Williams when he was the star Longhorn football player. Me and 500 other people.

I saw Matthew McConaughey at a Longhorn football game once. Sure, I was was down in the bleachers, and he was way up in his skybox, but I know that smell could only come from him.

I waved at Marc Katz once when he was running for mayor. You know, when his restaurant was open. Note to self: tagline “[Name of Restaurant here] never kloses” may be jinxing yourself a bit. Although I was shocked as any Austinite to see it was gone. They had mad tasty latkes!

Oh! And I met Rhett Miller! At an autograph signing, so not really a quote/unquote celebrity run in, but still. He is super cute.

So that’s about it. Until last Sunday, that is.

As you know (because I ram it down your eyeballs every time you open up this site), last month I participated in the 2012 Listen to Your Mother Austin show. That’s where I met Catherine, who writes at Of Course I Write Romance Novels and at the Worst Best Thing.

But you, dear reader, might know her from here. She shows up at about 00:45?

I know! I was shocked too! I googled her name to find her blog the other day, and there she was! Like, she actually shared air with Matthew McConaughey. Was it stinky air? I don’t know. It will probably be way too embarrassing and stalkerish to ask her about that cult classic movie she was in almost 20 years ago (20 years, WTF?) But you know, the whole time we were going through LTYM rehearsals (we only had 2) I thought I kinda knew her from somewhere? Yes, she still has those crazy adorable dimples, not to mention the cutest and happiest 8 month old baby girl I have ever seen in my life. Insert exploding ovaries here.

So. Mark your calendars, or whatever it is you do when I say something important and noteworthy. I met a movie star, y’all.

For real, Catherine is a lovely person, and brush with fame aside, I’m so proud to know her. Please dig through both of her blogs to discover more about this amazing writer and person.

And I’m going to say it one more time. Celebrity!


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  1. Hee hee — you’re so sweet, Leigh Ann! Thanks for the shout-out! (And for the sweet words about Pearly, too!) I also can’t believe it’s been 20 years — exactly, just about; we started filming in June of ’92. Crazy. As for Matthew McConnaughey, I remember that he actually smelled very good back then. And he was really sweet. And very sweet again when I saw him a decade later, at the 10-year reunion…although then, when he walked up to me, grinning, I felt like I was being hit with a wall of sex. *Whew*. (Don’t tell my husband I said that…)

    1. A wall of sex! Love it. Yeah, I’m sure I would turn into a total moron if I were in the same room.

  2. How cool. I was at UT during the Ricky Williams days too–along with, what, 30,000+ other people. I knew there was some reason I really liked your blog. Hook ’em!

    1. Yes! When I was a freshman a lot of the athletes lived on my floor in Jester. And Chris Mimm (basketball player) held the door open for me once. Almost as good as making out, right? 😉

    1. Mine too! I will watch it any time it’s on. And now that I live here it’s even more fun to watch and see the parts of town that still haven’t changed.

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