I got a sunburn for Mother’s Day. Among other things.

Mother’s Day 2012, in as few words as possible because it’s late and I’m tired:

There was an abrupt awakening for breakfast in bed. “Time is of the essence,” Christian says as he delivers my meal, which I eat with 3 little girls bouncing on the bed.

There were handpicked wildflowers and a handmade (by like an actual jewelry maker, not my kids) necklace, and a card handwritten with loving scribbles and words. Because he knows I appreciate things that are unique and one of a kind.

There was “Claire, did you write your name?”

“Yup. I did.”

Texas Wildflowers

Uncommon goods marigold neckace

There was a perfect Texas spring day at the lake. There was hiking, throwing rocks, enjoying the breeze, and making friends on the playscape.

Mansfield Dam Austin

Mansfield Dam Austin

There were photos in which I can barely be seen.

Mansfield Dam Austin

There is now a sunburn on my white, pasty skin.

There was a California Club at my favorite sub shop.

There was a sweet baby who drifted off literally as we pulled on to our street.

Zoe sleeping

Mother’s Day pretty much ended when dinner time rolled around and the usual meal time circus ensued. They were all, “Lady, we’re tired, cranky, and we ain’t eatin these fish sticks, so stuff it!”

They went to bed at like 6:30. And then Mother’s Day commenced with my free meal from Pei Wei. And then it was over again because I had to do some work. And the dishes. Just because I wasn’t allowed to do them all day doesn’t mean that anyone else did, but then again, no one else can load the dishwasher like this gal.

In other news, Monday is the girls’ last day of MDO for the year. Hold me.

Hope your Mother’s Day was rockin! Mine was pretty awesome, thanks to these folks.

Mansfield Dam Austin

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  1. Oh my gosh, Texas is so beautiful. I just want to hug it. Except I can’t fit my arms around it, so I’ll just kiss the ground next time I go. 😉

    I love that your Mothers Day was still about being a mother. I saw so many posts about how the only things moms wanted to do was NOT be a mother on that day, and it made me sad.

    1. Isn’t it gorgeous? So lucky to live here.

      You just reminded me about something I meant to put in the post (but I was literally keeping my eyes open with toothpicks). When we were at lunch I noticed a lot of dads out eating with their kids. Like they took the kids and Mom was off doing her own thang. But those kids were all kind of older. So maybe moms get over the whole “I want to spend Mother’s Day with family” thing after several years? 😉

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