Don’t give your laptop a bath

It was just like any other evening around here. I sat in bed with my good friend Pearl as we chatted it up over a cup of ice water and a few blog posts. Maybe a Facebook comment or tweet here and there. She’s always there for me, that Pearl.

Since the words on the page were ending in that annoying fashion, I switched my water from my right hand to the left so I could use my right to scroll down. It was a simple move, really. Despite the fact that I’m a hard core lefty, using a mouse or touchpad is the only thing I can’t do with my left hand.

You know when things happen with lightening fast speed but in slow motion at the same time?

Mid switch, my left thumb clipped the bottom of my cup. It bounced to my right. Then into my left. And back again, where my right hand finally ensnared it in it’s grasp.

And spewed water everywhere, and by everywhere I mainly mean all over Pearl’s keyboard.

Some foreign gaggle of sounds emerged from my throat that may or may not have sounded like “Gaaauuugghhhhwaaaaateeeerrrrrssssshhhiiiiiiiit!”

My instincts honed from one year of Girl Scouts in the fourth grade told me to wipe the liquid away as quickly as possible. Thanks to my thoaty call for help, a towel appeared seemingly out of nowhere, but methinks my IT husband has heard that call of the wild before. I wiped and blotted, and there really wasn’t much, but within seconds it had turned itself off.

Pearl was in a coma.

Christian immediately got to work with his sexy set of mini screwdrivers and tiny flashlight. Also this apparently was a job for the shirtless.

“How did this happen?”

“I spilled my water!”

“I know, but how did you spill it?”

“What do you mean how did I spill it?  I just  spilled it! I fumbled my cup! That’s how!”

He disassembled Pearl.

I tweeted for help.

water spilled on mac

He yanked out my hard drive and inspected it for signs of damage, much like a surgeon removes a bullet from a wounded patient.

I tweeted a tweet of relief.

He removed thousands upon thousands of tiny screws.

water spilled on mac

“Don’t worry, I’ve seen this dozens of times.”



“And it’s usually okay, right?”

“Well, no.”


“But I’ve seen worse. When there’s a popping sound, it’s never good.”

“Oh! Mine didn’t make a popping sound! We’re saved!”

“That doesn’t really mean anything.”


So I facebooked Pearl’s possible demise.

water spilled on mac

He located my seemingly dry motherboards.

I got bored and started browsing MacBook Airsin the Apple Store.

He exclaimed, “Yay, your battery still works!”

I said, “Uh huh, that’s great, honey…” and made my move in my twelve Words With Friends games.

He put Pearl all back together.

I brushed up on this season of Private Practice.

Private Practice twitter

He turned her on. We held our breath. The screen came on and…..

Nothing. I fear she’s dead.

And now I’m using a blasted PC.


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  1. Oh, BTDT. I don’t recommend you give your lap top a glass of wine or try to coax your lazy, slow assed PC key board to kick it in gear with a glass of chocolate milk either.

    1. Hahaha. Every time I would hear about people spilling drinks on their computers I would thank my lucky stars I had never done it. So funny how it was so completely helpless and accidental.

  2. work provides my laptop. 3 years ago, my middle daughter knocked it off the table, shattering the screen. 2 years ago, my youngest daughter spilled gatorade on it.

    I have the lowest expenses in my department. But I’ve gone through 4 laptops in 8 years.


    1. Ouch. I don’t know how many times I’ve taken a sip of something while on the computer and the thought has crossed my mind that it would suck if I spilled. Or realized that I had a tempting glass of water next to it that my kids would just love to dump all over it.

    1. Thank you for your condolences. I was thinking of starting up a memorial fund, but that just seems this side of tacky, no? 🙂

  3. Oh no. I so get this. I spilled cereal on mine once.
    It’s frustrating that they can’t just take a little water damage.
    Or milk.

    1. Right? They should totally be able to withstand that. My bed looked like a bloodbath afterwards. Of water.

    1. Especially kids. I wish I could just dump a cup of water on them and call it a day.

  4. Liquids are now forever banned near my MacBook. I would be in tears if it died on me because of water damage.

    Good luck on getting a new one.

    1. I will definitely make that a rule whenever I get a new one. You know, in 3 years when I’m done paying for preschool.

  5. I saw that critical mayday tweet. Yipes.

    I’m sorry. I am SUCH a klutz too. And you see, my luck isn’t spilling things on my laptop- it’s more just like it dies, crashes, etc. on me for no reason. My luck. Hence we always get the warranty they push at Best Buy.

    1. That’s what I love bout Macs. They don’t do all of that mysterious freezing and dying.

  6. Don’t give up on Pearl, as long as there is a hum, bleep or light on (ever so dim) she may still come back. Mac’s are pretty tough, (right Michelle). But whatever you do DON”T let Pearl see you flirting through the Apple website at all the g.o.r.g.e o.u.s. new models or she will die of heartbreak.

    1. I know. It’s crushing. But Pearl is 4.5 years old. It was her time. Unfortunately it is not time to replace her yet.

  7. I use my MacBook only in bed now. Away from liquids. I spilled sweet tea on a Dell once. Killed her. Killed her dead.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙁

  8. I just KNEW you were going to say she worked! I am so sorry! It’s awesome that your huband came to the rescue and tried his best, though. That is sweet! I hope Pearl wakes up from her coma soon.

    1. Oh, I wish! As much as I need a new one, I don’t’ have the pocketbook for it right now, so this is devastating! But someone said I should try again, so I’ll keep everyone updated on this riveting story. 🙂

  9. Oh NO! R.I.P Pearl.

    I have no idea what I’d do or how I’d survive if something happened to my Mac laptop. Of course, I’d first have to survive Hubs outrage and all that.

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